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Agenda Item 8.4: Trade and the crisis Infrastructure: Recent developments and outlook for traffic flows and capacities.

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1 Agenda Item 8.4: Trade and the crisis Infrastructure: Recent developments and outlook for traffic flows and capacities

2 Global Infrastructure Needs 2030/50 A project of the OECD International Futures Programme

3 Infrastructures Project Phase 1: Surface transport, water, electricity, telecommunications (completed 2007) Phase 2: Transcontinental infrastructures : ports, airports, rail corridors, oil and gas pipelines (on-going) Three time horizons: Short-term 2015; Medium-term projections 2030; Long- term scenarios 2050

4 Transcontinental Infrastructures Short Term Outlook to 2015 John White and Barrie Stevens Advisory Unit to the Secretary-General

5 Current Situation and Outlook to 2015 Financial and credit crisis – surprisingly sharp impacts on GDP growth, trade and transport demand in 2008-09 The subsequent recession has been the most severe for decades – and different from previous downturns Recovery is underway - but the pace of recovery uneven The Outlook to 2015 is still relatively uncertain – different trajectories in OECD and non-OECD countries

6 World Economic Trends – and expected rebound Deep contraction in advanced economies in 2008-09 Global recession expected to end in 2009 Subdued recovery ahead for countries most affected Return to strong growth in emerging economies - 2010 onwards Source: IMF October 2009 World GDP - % change

7 World GDP and International Trade Growth Trade growth - historically 2 or more times GDP growth Forecasts anticipate substantial trade rebound and growth from 2010 onwards

8 Impacts on traffic volumes, especially freight and energy Overview of recent forecasts and projections

9 Aviation Outlook - Passenger Forecasts to 2013 Source: Airports Council International, August 2009 Strong air passenger growth to 2013 - growth above av. long term rate (4.7% p.a.)

10 Aviation Outlook - Air freight forecasts to 2014 World air cargo – forecast annual growth rates (%) Source: Airports Council International Aug 2009 Projected Air Freight growth well above av. annual rate of 3.8% p.a. (1999-2008)

11 Maritime Outlook – Forecast growth in Container Port Handling to 2014 Source: Drewry, Oct 2009 World Container Port Handling - annual growth rates (%) Recovery from 2009 fall – but container growth rates below previous trends (>10% pa)

12 Rail Outlook– Forecast Rail Freight Carriage 2015 Source: Infrastructure to 2030 report Rail Freight carriage index levels – 2000 and 2015 Strong rail freight growth expected in many places – particularly China and India

13 Oil outlook – forecast growth in primary demand - 2000 and 2015 Source: IEA World Energy Outlook 2009 (Nov.2009) Non-OECD regions – especially Asia and the Middle-East - account for all oil growth

14 Gas outlook – forecast growth in primary demand 2000 to 2015 Source: IEA World Energy Outlook 2009 Gas glut with demand -3% in 2009 – but demand to grow 2.5% pa from 2010-2015

15 Impact on capacities

16 Aviation Outlook – Capacity Shortfall in Europe? Source: Infrastructure to 2030 report 1.ACI 2008: Before the downturn, 93 airports (with 2/3 of world traffic) were already capacity constrained. In EU, over 60 airports not able to meet demand by 2015 2.Schipol [Director, A/P Development], Oct. 2009. There is no airport capacity crunch in Europe…..

17 Maritime – Container Flows and Port Capacity Port Capacity Assessments 1. ESCAP, 2007: Substantial new capacity will be required in all major regions over period to 2015. ESCAP region will dominate the requirements for new berths during this period. 2. Drewry, Oct. 2009: Many ports have invested heavily in new terminals based on surge of post - Panamax tonnage. Neither the ships nor terminals are needed for several years.

18 Outlook – GDP growth vs World trade & transport (IMF October 2009) IMF 2009: World Trade / Income Drewry, Oct 2009. GDP/container trade The GDP to container trade multiple has typically been well in excess of 2.0 Unlikely western govern- ments / consumers can fuel similar growth in future - serving to reduce the rate at which container trade growth can exceed global economic activity. Source: IMF WEO 2009

19 Europe: Rail Outlook – Capacity Shortfall in 2015 Source: UIC Study on Capacity reserve, 2005. Increased rail passengers & freight likely to expose EU capacity shortfalls over 2015-30

20 Oil outlook – Forecast growth in primary demand In the oil and gas sector, most companies have announced cutbacks in capital spending - as well as project delays and cancellations. Falling energy investment will have far- reaching and potentially serious consequences. Source: IEA WEO 2009

21 Gas pipelines – projected routes to Europe Source: Infrastructure to 2030 report - TBA

22 Conclusions Financial crisis and recession have taken the pressure off capacity shortfalls in the short term - in all sectors. However, growth in accordance with Reference Case projections would see: a doubling of air passengers in 15 years; a tripling of air freight in 20 years; very large increases in port container handling; and increased demand for oil and gas, particularly during 2015-2030 -in all cases, the largest increases will occur in the Asia/Pacific region, led by China and India. The hiatus in investment in some locations will exacerbate the previously expected shortfalls – once world GDP and demand rebounds to earlier trend levels.

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