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Students with Learning Disabilities Teaching Practices.

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1 Students with Learning Disabilities Teaching Practices

2 Planning Activities Develop Empowering Beliefs About Teaching –Individualize instruction –Base instructional practices on research –Maintain proactive expectancies of learners

3 Instructional Variables Related to Student Learning Focus on time for learning Ensure high rates of student success Provide positive and supportive learning environments Strive to motivate

4 Instructional Arrangements Consider –Large-group instruction –Small-group instruction –One student with teacher –Students teaching students Peer tutoring, cooperative learning –Students working independently Self-correcting materials, instructional games, CAI –Homework

5 Other Considerations in Planning Activities Curriculum –Prioritize content to ensure most important content mastered Learner Variables –Student aptitudes –Socioeconomic status –Multicultural differences

6 Interactive Teaching Competencies Focus on Teaching Competencies Follow a Lesson Planning Format –Give an advance organizer –Describe and model the skill or strategy –Conduct guided practice and interactive discourse –Conduct independent practice to mastery –Provide elaborate feedback –Teach generalization and transfer

7 Postinstructional Activities Reflection About Teaching and Collaborating with Others –Research –Thoughts

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