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Managing your Loan Star Libraries Grant Part 3 Wendy Clark Jennifer Justus Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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1 Managing your Loan Star Libraries Grant Part 3 Wendy Clark Jennifer Justus Texas State Library and Archives Commission

2 What well cover Grant Data Reporting Completing Year-End reports Preparing for the Next Funding Cycle

3 Grant Reports Performancereports numbers (outputs) along with a narrative description of activities Financialreports how the grant budget was spent Equipment (only required if you purchased items listed as equipment in grant budget) Revisions (only required if you need to change the way grant funds are allocated)

4 Performance Report Tips Yes! Report items received not those on order Use accurate counts from an auditable record Track users for items or services purchased with grant funds No! Reporting entire population served Report no activity every report period Try to report a number for items like furniture; enter a zero

5 Performance Reporting Report the number of items received; base that number on a documented count (# of books received). The number of times items circulate is good info. to report in the narrative section but not a statistical measure.

6 Performance Reporting Report the number of persons served; base that number on a documented count (# of people in attendance at program). The number of people using a service, such as a database or computer purchased with grant funds, must be reported

7 Performance Reporting Each report is discrete; report numbers for that period only However, if you forgot to report a number from a previous quarter you can add it in; but you must explain that in the report

8 Performance Reporting Method of measurement=how did you come up with the number? Justification? What source did you use to come up with that number (shipping list, count from your ILS, head count, sign-in sheet)?

9 Completing Grant Reports Reporting Requirements Reporting Requirements and Process

10 GMS: online grant management system (GMS) used for grant applications and reporting. Grant Management System

11 Performance Report

12 Performance Reportopening page

13 Performance Report


15 Performance Report – materials

16 Performance Report - materials

17 Performance Report - persons served

18 Performance Report - library staffing

19 Performance Report - narrative questions

20 Grant revisions A grant revision is needed: If you need to move $ into a zero budget category If the total amount of $ you need to move exceeds 10% of grant funds If you need to dramatically change what you want to do with grant funds

21 Grant revisions A grant revision should : Be completed prior to reallocating funds If making multiple revisions, track your budget so you know where you are

22 Grant Revision




26 Financial Reports Required Financial Reports: Request For Funds (RFF) – Over 50K Financial Status Reports (FSR) Equipment Report – Only if grant funds are budgeted in the equipment category

27 GMS Homepage

28 Final RFF



31 RFF Tips Only applies to Loan Star grantees with an award amount over 50K Instruction link at top of form will provide step by step instructions. Make sure to enter the amount of expenditures for the grant term, not just the period of request – GMS will calculate the current request amount Submit a Request For Funds at least once per quarter even if you didnt have any expenditures.

32 GMS Homepage

33 Final FSR



36 FSR Submitted with Errors

37 FSR Tips Instruction link at top of form will provide step by step instructions. Do not try to enter information into grayed out cells – these cells are auto filled by GMS. Do not check Final if you have not spent all grant money and/or you havent received all grant money from TSLAC. Contact myself or Wendy if you ever have any questions – We are here to help!!

38 Final FSR Tips Check Final Report box under Report Information Only submit final once all funds have been received and expended If there is a balance that has not been expended in excess of $25 the funds must be returned to TSLAC

39 Equipment Report




43 Equipment Report Tips Due no later than October 31st Only required if grant funds were budgeted and spent in the equipment category Fill out report for ALL equipment/property purchased with grant funds Total of Equipment Report should be greater than or equal to the Total Cumulative Expenditures in Equipment on the Final FSR

44 Preparing for next year…

45 Grant timeline Augustgrant awards issued October 31grant applications (plan of action) due October 31all previous year reports due February 28- contracts due June 15status updates due for next years funding July 31any revisions due August 31all funds encumbered/spent October 15-all bills paid; funds liquidated October 31- final deadline for report submission

46 Best Practices Complete reports by October 31 for previous cycle Respond to any requests TSLAC sends asking for report changes Use direct deposit; verify banking information Return your contracts as soon as possible Ensure the contracts are signed correctly Grant funds will not be sent until all previous grant reports are received.

47 Best Practices Read your contract Put report dates on your calendar and submit on time Print all submitted forms from GMS and file Keep copies of invoices documenting expenditures in the file Communicate with TSLAC staff Plan to collect outputs Track statistics carefully and realistically Be proactive – Always be aware of your budget, submit revisions as they arise and do not wait until the last minute to expend grant funds

48 Questions?Questions?

49 Further Information Wendy Clark at Jennifer Justus at Pauline Brewer at

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