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Jillian Gregory, REI Systems Department of Health and Human Services

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1 EHBs Overview Ryan White Part A Administrative Reverse Site Visit Meeting
Jillian Gregory, REI Systems Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration Office of Information Technology July 31, 2013

2 Agenda EHBs Overview New Layout and Navigation Features
Grants Tab Overview Prior Approval Request Walkthrough Tasks Tab Overview Organization Tab Overview Questions

3 EHBs Overview

4 What are the EHBs? The HRSA Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) is the grants and program management system used by HRSA and its grantees Available on the Internet – Allow authorized individuals within an organization to view, edit, or submit grant-related information electronically Facilitate HRSA monitoring and oversight of programs

5 Grantee Tasks and Activities Available in EHBs
Submission of grant-related requirements Conditions of Award Reporting Requirements Budget Period Renewals Grant Change Requests (Prior Approval Requests) Management of contact information and authorized users

6 EHBs System Requirements
Browser Requirements Internet Explorer v. 8.0 and higher Mozilla Firefox v. 3.6 or higher HRSA EHBs use pop-up windows – ensure that your browser settings allow pop-ups In order to completely experience the usability features, ensure that Javascript is enabled on your browser Session time out Allow 30 minutes of being idle Warning pop-up 1 minute before system logs you out

7 EHBs System Requirements – Test Your Settings

8 EHBs Registration All members of the grantee organization who are responsible for viewing, editing or submitting grant-related information must register in the HRSA EHBs Go to If you have registered before, you do not have to register again Click “Create an Account” tab if you are not sure

9 New Layout and Navigation Features

10 EHBs Home Page: Items We Are Tracking For You
Quick links to navigate to filtered information like Tasks due within 30 days or tasks that are late

11 EHBs Home Page: My Recently Accessed
Quickly navigate to tasks you worked on recently

12 EHBs Home Page: Tabs Tabs at the Top of the Page provide navigation to different views of information you can access

13 EHBs Navigation: System Toolbar
The System Toolbar will appear at the bottom of every screen and provides additional navigational features and task-related information, when available.

14 EHBs Help and Knowledge Base
The EHBs Help and Knowledge Base can be accessed through the (?) icon at the bottom of the page or through the Support Menu at the top of the page. The EHBs Screen Help will provide information specific to the page you are viewing.

15 Grants Tab Overview Displays a list of all grants for which a user has permissions Provides access to information in the context of a specific grant

16 Grant Roles Project Director Financial Reporting Administrator Other
Name must match name listed on Notice of Award (NoA) Need CRSEIN and Award Issue Date from most recent NoA are required to register Will be granted all non-financial privileges once validated (everything except Federal Financial Reports [FFR]) Manage non-financial privileges for other users Financial Reporting Administrator Need Account ID and PIN from PMS Will have access to all FFR once validated Manage financial privileges for other users Other Any other members of the organization who will need to view, edit, or submit information to HRSA

17 Grants Tab My Grant Portfolio will display grants for which you have already obtained privileges or validated your identity

18 Grants Tab: My Grant Portfolio
By default, this list will show grants that are active or have ended within the last 90 days. Use the search feature to search for older grants.

19 Grants Tab: Add Grant to Portfolio
Click Add Grant to Portfolio to add a grant to the My Grant Portfolio page

20 Grants Tab: Expand Details Options
Click the arrow or Detailed View link to view additional grant details

21 Grants Tab: Detailed View
The Detailed view will display the Project Director, Organization DUNS, Program Contact (Project Officer), and Grant Contact (Grants Management Specialist)

22 Grants Tab: Options Menu
The Options menu provides access to Grant-Related Actions and Information

23 Prior Approval Walkthrough

24 What is a Prior Approval Request?
A prior approval request is a request initiated by the grantee to change grant-related information In the past, these requests were submitted on paper or via . Grantees will now be required to submit requests through EHBs Prior Approval Requests include: Administrative Supplements Approval to Draw Down Funds Carryover of Unobligated Balances Extension of Project Period (with or without funds) Project Director Change Re-Budgeting Other Changes (Grantee Name, Deviation from Terms, etc.)

25 Registration to Grant Folder
By default, the Project Director and Financial Reporting Administrator will have privileges to view, edit, or submit prior approval requests If Project Director changes, Financial Reporting Administrator can submit Project Director Change prior approval request All other users must be given privileges to view, edit, or submit Prior Approvals

26 Grants Tab: Prior Approval Request
Click Request Prior Approval

27 Acknowledge Documentation Review
Review HHS Grant Policy Document Click Continue Click Acknowledgment check box

28 Select Prior Approval Type
Click Create

29 Prior Approval Status Overview
General Information and Details Section must be complete before Prior Approval Request can be submitted to HRSA

30 Prior Approval Status Overview
Click the Update option to complete the section

31 Click Add to enter POC and AO information
Navigation Features Side Menu has been collapsed. Click the >> icon to expand the side menu Click Add to enter POC and AO information

32 Navigation Features Side Menu has been expanded. Click the << icon to collapse the side menu

33 Prior Approval General Information
Click Add to enter POC and AO information

34 Prior Approval – Add POC
Enter contact information in the form provided, or…

35 Prior Approval – Add POC
… select from a list of users who are registered with your organization

36 General Information – Complete
Click Save and Continue to proceed to the Details Section

37 Prior Approval Request – Details Section
Information requested in the details section varies depending on the type of prior approval request The details section will be pre-populated with information from the EHBs when possible Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*) Document templates will be available for download All required documents for the type of request must be uploaded before the request can be submitted to HRSA

38 Prior Approval Details

39 Click Browse to locate the file
Attach File Click Browse to locate the file

40 Locate and select the file to be attached
Locate File Locate and select the file to be attached Click Open

41 Enter an Optional Description
Complete Attachment Click Attach Enter an Optional Description

42 Error – Example

43 Prior Approval – Review

44 Prior Approval – Submit

45 Prior Approval – Submit Confirm

46 Prior Approval – Success Message

47 Prior Approval – Recently Completed

48 Tasks Tab

49 Tasks Tab Overview Pending tasks will appear in the tasks tab based on your privileges Reports/requirements that have not been submitted Prior approval requests that have been started, but not submitted Change Requests Requests for access (if applicable) Use the left side menu to access additional features

50 Access to Tasks Project Director
Access to tasks for a grant by “Adding Grant to Portfolio” using information from most recent Notice of Award (NoA) Financial Reporting Administrator (FRA) Access to Grant Handbook after validating account using Account ID and PIN from PMS Other Users Access to post-award submissions once Project Director or FRA approves privileges

51 Pending Tasks Displays pending tasks for all grants for which you have privileges for all organizations you are associated with. The Grant Number and Organization will appear listed.

52 Search and Filter Options
Use search and filter options at the top of the page to facilitate navigation

53 Submissions Section Navigating to the Submissions section provides additional features.

54 Submissions – Option Menu
Options menu provides additional features like Request Extension, ability to view authorized users, and other grant related information.

55 Submissions – Option Menu – Submission Link
Use the Submissions link to print out a copy of the submission. If you have not entered any data in the submission form, this is one way of printing out a blank form to aid in data collection offline.

56 Organizations Tab

57 Organizations Tab Overview
The Organizations Tab will list all organizations you are associated Provides access to organization information Associated Users Organization Profile Awarded Grants

58 EHBs Roles – Organization Level
Authorizing Official Submit two-tiered applications Appear as AO throughout the EHBs May have ability to manage organization users May gain privilege to submit FFR Business Official Appear as Business Official throughout the EHBs Other Employee Anyone at the organization who is not a business official

59 Organizations Tab Displays organizations associated with your user account

60 Organization Folder – Home
Home page displays summary information about the organization

61 Organization Folder – Profile
Organization information will be displayed, but cannot be changed in the EHBs. Changes can be made in SAM and will then be reflected in the EHBs

62 Organization Folder – Users
Users with the “Primary Authorizing Official” role at the organization level can manage users associated with the organization.

63 Resources Resource EHBs Help and Knowledge Base
HRSA Tube – EHBs Videos HRSA Contact Center

64 Contact Information: HRSA Contact Center 877-Go4-HRSA/ 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time (E.T.) Monday through Friday


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