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Financial Management Service Division of Payment Management Payment Management System and Federal Financial Report System User Training Janet Morgan Fowler,

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1 Financial Management Service Division of Payment Management Payment Management System and Federal Financial Report System User Training Janet Morgan Fowler, Accountant and Team Leader US Department of Health & Human Services Program Support Center – Division of Payment Management Government and Tribal Payments Branch October 12, 2010

2 AGENDA I. Overview II. System Access and Account Inquiries III.Payment Requests IV. Federal Cash Transactions Report V.Returning Funds VI.Information Sources

3 FROM THE DPM WEBSITE: 1.Click on “Grant Recipient Info” 2.Click on “Forms” 3.Click on “SF-1199A” 4.Complete Section 1 and Section 2. 5.Bank must fill out Section 3 TO ENSURE ACCURACY WHEN COMPLETING DIRECT DEPOSIT FORM: Box 1A: Name must match organization name on notice of Grant award Box 1B: Leave Blank [Note: SF1199A form will be rejected if individual’s name appears] Box 1C: Organization’s taxpayer identification number must be included in this field Original signatures must exist on form COMMON ERRORS Corrections in Depositor Account Number and Bank Routing Number Alternations that appear on original form are not acceptable (i.e. white out, strike overs, cross-outs, etc.) Depositor Account Title not filled in Depositor Account Title does not match Name of Payee No signatures Registration Process: Required Documentation – SF-1199A

4 New PMS Users will not have a PMS Account Number Existing PMS Users: the new PMS Account Number will be added to your existing profile A form should be submitted for each individual PMS User List all the PMS account numbers to gain access This is the information of the individual that needs access to the Payment Management System Check one in each category (if applicable) Must have signature in order for form to be valid Registration Process: Required Documentation - DPM Payment Management System Access Form

5 Preparer: The person that enters the disbursements on the FFR 425 Federal Cash Transaction Report Certifier: The person that will provide the electronic signature on the FFR 425 Federal Cash Transaction Report. This person should be someone that is authorized to sign financial documents for your organization. Preparer/Certifier: This person has privileges to prepare and certify the FFR 425 Federal Cash Transaction Report. Grantee Account Establishment FFR Privileges - Defined

6 Requesting Funds: Connecting to the Payment Management System (PMS) Internet Access Division of Payment Management Home Page Hours of Operation Monday through Friday: 5:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. EST* Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. EST* *Requests for payment submitted after 5:00 p.m. EST will be processed as if received on the next business day. One-DHHS Help Desk Toll Free Telephone Number 1-877-614-5533 E-Mail: On-line Service: Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST (except Federal holidays)

7 System Access and Account Inquiries Payment Management System

8 Go to: Click on “Payment Management System” or “SmartLink ”

9 Click on “SmartLink Payment Request” or “Payment Management System”

10 User name: Established by DPM (For training: All upper case - e.g., JPSMITH) Password: Initial password is issued by DPM and must be changed by users. New password must be at least nine alpha-numeric and/or special characters (e.g., #Grantee1) *For first time users, the initial password is provided by DPM.

11 Review for new messages; then click on Click Here for Access to the Payment Management System

12 Click on: My User Info to: 1) change password 2) or to update user contact information.

13 1)Enter your temporary/old Password 2) Enter a new Password 3) Enter your new password again in the Confirm Password field 4) Read certification statement & check box If you agree 5) Review & update Personal Info section 6) Click “ button Change

14 1) Enter your new password and click OK


16 Account Balance Data - Authorization Transactions - Payment Data - Summary Grant Data - Authorized grant award information, payments made and funds available Award amount, budget period and date posted in PMS Payment history (payments deposited and rejected) Grant expenditures reported on the most recent FFR 425 Federal Cash Transaction Report (FCTR) Payment Management System Adhoc Grantee Inquiry – Account Balance Data

17 Payment requests may be made as often as needed: Daily Weekly Monthly Bi-monthly Remember: Funds must be spent within three business days! Payment Management System Requesting Payments

18 2AA5P 1) Click on “Payment” 2) Click on “Request for Payment” 3) Enter your Account Number 5) Click on “Account”

19 1.Enter DUNS 2.UPDATE Requestor Information or Click the Check Box If No Changes Are Required 3.Enter Payment Due Date 4.Enter Expected Disbursement Amount 5.Enter Cash on Hand 6.Enter Payment Request Amount 7.Click on “Continue”

20 2AA5P 123456789





25 2AA5G





30 Agency Restriction Awarding agency has the authority to restrict grant funding and payment requests Reasonableness Excessive payment requests may be rejected due to large payments in budget period Delinquent FFR-425 (Federal Cash Transactions Report) If the electronic FFR-425 quarterly report is not filed before the due date, temporary suspension of funding privileges will occur Excess Cash on Hand - 3 day rule (FFR-425 Reports) Funding requests will be denied if there is excessive cash on hand (FFR-425) Agency Approval & Confirmation Requesting Funds: Reason for Denied Payments & Manual Restrictions


32 The Federal Financial Report (FFR) Federal Cash Transaction Report (FCTR) formerly known as the PSC 272 Electronic Report is one component of the FFR- 425. If recipients previously filed cash transaction reports using the PSC-272, the new FFR form and the FFR Attachment for reporting disbursements for multiple grants must be filed. Also, the FFR cash transaction reports must be filed within 30 days of the end of the quarter (instead of the 45 days allowed for filing the PSC-272). There is no need to contact a DPM Account Representative prior to making adjustments to the cumulative disbursements in the FFR. Adjustments to cumulative disbursements may be saved (to be completed at a later time BEFORE the deadline date) or certified in the FFR. If the FFR has been certified, future changes to disbursements can only occur on the next business day after the report has been certified. What is the FFR Federal Cash Transaction Report (FCTR)?

33 After logging in to the Payment Management System with a PMS User ID and password: Click the PMS menu heading entitled: “Disbursement” Click the sub- heading entitled: “FFR Cash Transaction Report”

34 Enter the assigned PMS “Payee Account Number (PAN)” Click on the radio button next to the desired “Select Report Status”. Note: System automatically defaults selection to ALL Report Statuses Click the “Continue” Button

35 Under the Action column, from the drop down I want select you desired report Note: System will display desired selection information

36 Under the Action column, from the drop down I want select you desired report “SUBSCRIBE” An E-Mail Icon will appear next to the Payee Account Number. This denotes the grantee will receive Email notification for activities on this account

37 Under the Action column, from the drop down I want select you desired report “SEE WORKFLOW ” Denotes where you are in the reporting process.

38 Under the Action column, from the drop down I want select you desired report “SEE HISTORY” Denotes status information on past & current reports

39 Under the Action column, from the drop down I want select you desired report “PREPARE/CERTIFY” Grantees will only be able to select the specified duty that is stated in their PMS profile. Prepare/Certify Prepare Certify

40 PMS will automatically populate Agency, Grantee Information, DUNS, EIN as stated in the database. Box 6, Box 7, & Box 9 are defaulted automatically by the system. To report disbursements on the grant, click on the “Report Disbursements” button at the top of the page. Note: The Report Disbursement page must be completed first.

41 In Box 5, report “CUMULATIVE” expenditures for each grant listed. Net Quarter Disbursements will automatically calculate at the bottom in the box titled “TOTAL” Note: The Rec Acct Num column is optional. This is for your use only! However, PMS will retain this information and it will populate on each quarters report.

42 In Box 5, only “active” grants are listed. Inactive grants, are listed in the “Report Inactive Grants” dropdown menu. Once a inactive grant has been selected, it will show at the top of the active grant list.

43 Once the “inactive” grant is listed, you are now able to update the cumulative expenditures. Note: Added inactive grants will be in highlighted in blue

44 To remove an added inactive grant, click the radio button under the column Select One and then click on the “Remove Inactive” button. Inactive grant will be removed from listing. Note: Remove Inactive button will only be active when an inactive grant is listed in Box 5

45 Once “cumulative” disbursements have been reported for each grant, you have the option to: (1) Save, (2) Continue, (3) Report on Single Grant (FSR)

46 Verify that lines 10b and 10c are filled in correctly based on the FFR Attachment entries Note: Line 10a you can not change - Line 10a is equivalent to Line 3 on the PSC 272 "Total Cash Available" in the old reporting system. If Line 10c is a positive amount, you must include an explanation in box 12. Scroll to the bottom of the page to enter remarks, if applicable and the Certifying Officer’s name in Box 13 Scroll to the top of the page and click the “Certify” button to attest to the accuracy and completeness of the report.

47 Read the message in the dialog box and click “OK” when finished.

48 Note: Updates to the report, can be made 24 hours after submission. Check the box under 13b and click the “Submit” button. Once report is submitted, the message “Certify Transaction Complete” will appear


50 You can choose any one of three ways to return funds to DPM: ACH ACH Direct Deposit (REX or Remitance EXpress) FedWire By Check IMPORTANT - PLEASE INCLUDE: Your Payment Management System (PMS) Account Number (PAN) with your submission. [NOTE: The Payment Management System (PMS) Account Number (PAN) is the same series of alpha-numeric characters which are used for payment request purposes (for example: C1234G1)].. Please include pertinent sub account information (if applicable). More information can be obtained from our web page under the section “Grant Recipient Info / Funding Requests / Returning Funds”

51 US DEPT OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES PMS ACCOUNT # OR GRANT # In order to return funds via check, please remit payment to the US Department of Health & Human Services and include the PMS account number in the memo section of the check.

52 US Department of Health and Human Services PSC/FMS/Division of Payment Management P.O. Box 6021 Rockville, MD 20852 Returning Funds: Mailing Address

53 For more information, please consult the DPM Home Page: under the subheading “Grant Recipient Info” or contact your DPM Account Representative via the “Contacts/DPM Staff” hyperlink

54 ?? QUESTIONS ??

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