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Whats New in vTools Fanny Su Manager IEEE Asia Pacific Operations Centre.

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1 Whats New in vTools Fanny Su Manager IEEE Asia Pacific Operations Centre

2 vTools - providing tools to the volunteers and staff who support our members. vTools are developed and made possible by IEEE volunteers. The toolbox simplifies administration by offering web based software, reduces time spent managing activities, and assists in member development. vTools project portfolio is sponsored by IEEE Membership and Geographic Activities (MGA). MGA serves the needs of IEEE members by supporting IEEE Sections, Chapters, and Branches and is responsible for IEEE membership, and member development. vTools toolkit contains tools in various phases of development, from production, to pilots, to active development

3 2010 Meeting Reporting (L31) using vTools Meeting. * Temporary access limitations - limited to volunteers listed in the Geographic Activities Roster at - some volunteers may not be automatically authorized to access vTools.Meetings specifically Chapter Vice Chairs, Chapter Secretaries, and some Joint Chapter Chairs. If you are unable to use vTools.Meetings please choose one of the following options: 1) Submit an Officer Report Change/Addition to up-date records so that system recognizes the new information at Estimated functionality 1 April 2010. 2) E-mail the information to 3)Temporarily use the old 2009 Meeting Reporting Tool at Online tutorials for vTools.Meetings at

4 2010 Meeting Reporting (L31) using vTools Meeting. vTools.Meetings - captures meeting information at the beginning - supplies the section with a list of the meetings - has registration process capability (option to switch off) - files the L31 meeting report. Future capabilities being conceptualized and studied - Integration into MyIEEE to feed meeting informationMyIEEE - "What IEEE Meetings are within 50 miles of x between the dates p and q.

5 2/8/20145

6 vTools. Voting Electronic Elections for sections, chapters, and affinity groups –Successfully piloted in 2007 & 2008 using a vendor –Proved to significantly improve voter participation –In parallel, started internal development –IEEE Product Piloted in 2009 –In Production Summer of 2010 –Will support all units for 2010 elections –Region coverage: 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

7 2/8/20147

8 WebInABox Basic Section web site WebInABox –Wizard-like interface for creation of simple section, chapter, affinity group websites –Data driven –Enables a common look and feel –Includes calendar of events pulled from the Meetings tool –Pulls data from central IEEE database –No webmaster involvement required –Region coverage: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

9 WebInABox

10 Contact information – contains project status, blog, contact information, FAQ, and training information – contact e-mail for any questions related to the project

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