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Regions of Texas.

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1 Regions of Texas

2 Subregions Coastal Plains: Piney Woods, Post Oak Belt, Blackland Prairie, Gulf Coastal Plain, South Texas Plain North Central Plains: Grand Prairie, Cross Timbers, Rolling Plains Great Plains: Llano Basin, Edwards Plateau, High Plains Mountains and Basin

3 Coastal Plains This includes 1/3 of Texas and 2 out of three Texans live in this region. This region also receives the most precipitation (Piney woods – inches annually) Physical features: Piney woods, Oak, Hickory, Prairie grasslands, coastal areas. Cities: Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio Economy: Timber, Oil, Natural Gas, Farming (citrus in South Texas), cotton, produce, ranching, insurance, electronics, etc.

4 North Central Plains This region is West of Dallas to the Caprock Escarpment and south to the Balcones Escarpment. Physical features: Rolling plains, steppes, small oaks, hickory, pecans, elms, mesquites, brush, scattered grasses Cities: Fort Worth, Wichita Falls, Abilene Economy: Ranching, Oil, Natural Gas, Cotton, Peanuts, Dairy Farming, Wheat

5 Great Plains This region extends from the Balcones Escarpment to the Panhandle. It consists of the Llano Basin, Edwards Plateau, and the High Plains (flattest places on earth). Physical features: Plateaus, steppes, granite, limestone, mesquite, live oaks, post oaks, pecans, short grasses, Edwards Aquifer Cities: Midland/Odessa, Lubbock, Amarillo Economy: Farming, ranching, oil, natural gas, corn, cotton, peanuts.

6 Mountains and Basin This region is west of the Great Plains to El Paso. It contains the highest point at Guadalupe Peak (8,751 feet). Physical features: Mountains, basins, valleys, deserts, oaks, pinons, ponderosa pines, cactus, shrubs, short grasses Cities: El Paso, Fort Davis Economy: Ranching, farming Attractions: Big Bend National Park, Fort Davis, McDonald Observatory, Guadalupe Mountains

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