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The Four Regions of Texas

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1 The Four Regions of Texas

2 The North Central Plains
The Great Plains The Mountains and Basins The Coastal Plains

3 Let’s discuss our findings about each region in regards to:
Climate Landforms Subsections Characteristics

4 The inside flap will have the climate and landforms
Behind the coloring, we will write its subsections and characteristics

5 The Coastal Plains Landforms: Four national forests Gulf of Mexico Grasslands Big Thicket National Preserve Climate: Mild climate due to Gulf Natural winds Tropical Dallas, Austin, Pasadena, San Antonio, Houston, Corpus, Laredo, Brownsville

6 Subsections: Characteristics: South Texas Plain Gulf Coast Plain
Piney Woods Post Oak Belt Blackland Prairie Characteristics: Rich natural resources (oil fields, national forests) Fertile soil and long growing season ideal for farming/ranching (cotton, citrus fruit, livestock) Industrialized for oil/natural gas (petrochemical) Seaports and gateway to Mexico

7 The North Central Plains
Climate: Moderating winds Colder in winter Hotter in summer Less rainfall Landforms: Valleys Hills Buttes Rivers Mesas Grasses/brush Fort Worth, Wichita Falls, Abilene, Killeen

8 Subsections: Rolling Plains Cross Timbers Grand Prairie
Characteristics: Agricultural for framing by row Fruits, vegetables, pecans, peaches Large cattle ranching Sheep and goat ranching Largest wool producers Small population

9 The Great Plains Lubbock, Amarillo, Fredricksburg, Kerrville, Del Rio
Climate: Dry Droughts Cooler summers Colder winters Landforms: Rolling plains Seas of grass Lakes Reservoirs Aquifers Flatness Hill Country Rivers Lubbock, Amarillo, Fredricksburg, Kerrville, Del Rio

10 Subsections: Characteristics: Edwards Plateau High Plains Llano Basin
Ill suited for farming Trees foilage from cedar, smoak, mesquite (great for sheep) Weeds Perfect for grazing Buffalo, cattle, sheep Deer (white tailed deer hunting), wild turkey Goat (Angora wool producing) Cotton and wheat production

11 The Mountains and Basins
Climate: Desert Little rain Harsh extremes Dry Landforms: Canyons Mountain plateaus Basins El Paso, Fort Stockton

12 Characteristics: Big Bend National Park
Mountain ranges include Chisos, Davis, Guadalupe Range, El Capitan Cactus, yucca, creosote bush Natural resources in minerals such as limestone, shale, clay, copper, sulphur, salt, talc Cotton production Economical and cultural ties to Mexico (maquiladoras) Strong Hispanic traditions Sparsely settled

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