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What is a Break in the Earths crust? A.Basin B.Bayous C.fault D.plateau.

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2 What is a Break in the Earths crust? A.Basin B.Bayous C.fault D.plateau

3 What is a type of soft coal? A.Lignite B.Sunbelt C.Tourism D.petrochemicals

4 What are smaller Regions called? A.Small regions B.Rio Grande Valley C.Population region D.Sub-Regions

5 What are tributaries Off of larger bodies water where Water usually moves? A.Caprock B.Sunbelt C.Bayous D.rivers

6 Chemicals made from oil and Natural Gas. A.Petrochemicals B.Natural Light C.Lignite D.Natural Regions

7 Hard bed of rock beneath the soil Of the High Plains. A.Subregions B.Bed Rock C.Caprock D.Camp Rock 1&2

8 Distinct areas with a common physical environment. A.Sunbelt B.Natural Regions C.Sub Natural Regions D.Bayous

9 Lowland surrounded by a higher land. A.Bayous B.Plateau C.Lignite D.Basins

10 What are Cliffs? A.Escarpments B.Plateaus C.Fault D.Edwards Plateau

11 The Business of attracting Visitors to a place or region. A.Population B.Tourism C.Disney World D.Pearland Town Center

12 The Southern Region of The United States. A.Highland Belt B.Southern Belt C.Guadalupe Peak D.Sunbelt

13 Rich Farming Area in the South Texas Plains. A.Indus Valley B.Rio Grande Valley C.The Valley D.King Ranch Valley

14 Place where goods arrive to be Shipped to many destinations. A.UPS B.Fed-Ex C.Mail Box D.Transportation Center

15 A High Hilly area just South Of the High Plains. A.Washington Plateau B.Jimmys Plateau C.Edwards Plateau D.Rio Grande Valley

16 What is the Highest point In Texas? A.Ft. Davis Mountains B.Guadalupe Peak C.Mount Everest D.Mount Olympus

17 The______________is an 800,000-acre park situated on the Bend of the Rio Grande. Cross Timbers Park Sunbelt Park Big Bend National Park Guadalupe Peak

18 Two separate belts of forestland make up the ___________ subregion of Texas Panhandle Gulf Coast Sub region Cross Timbers Piney Woods

19 Because of their warm climate, Texas and other southern States are sometimes referred to as the____________ Water belt Hot belt Sunbelt Moon belt

20 The sub region of Texas that includes Houston and Corpus Christi is the _______________ High Plains Intermountain and Basin Blackland Prairie Gulf Coastal Plain

21 The part of Texas that is mostly high plains Is the ____________ Panhandle San Antonio Dallas Austin

22 The ________________ separates the Edwards Plateau from the gulf coastal plain. Balcones Escarpment Red River Rio Grande Gulf of Mexico

23 The heavily wooded sub region in East Texas is the____________ Forrest Woods Piney Woods Rain Forrest

24 The Largest City in Texas___________ Paris Midland Austin Houston

25 The largest city in the South Texas plains is ___________ El Paso San Antonio Dallas Corpus Christi

26 The __________, around Corpus Christi, gets Its name from the area where the Gulf Coast “bends” Natural Bend Big Bend Small Bend Coastal bend

27 The Natural region that includes the land West of the Pecos River is the__________ Black land Prairie Piney Woods High Plains Intermountain and Basin

28 Dallas, Temple, and Waco are located In the _______________sub Region Black Land Prairie Highlands Lowlands Post oak Belt

29 The Cities of Dallas and Ft. Worth Make up the ___________ Twin Cities Biggest Cities Metro plex City Plex

30 The second- largest city in Texas is _______________ Houston Dallas Ft. Worth San Antonio

31 The largest city in the Grand Prairie Sub region is__________________ Texas City Ft. Worth Abilene Austin

32 An Earlier name for the high plains was the _____________________ Balcones Escarpment Llano Estacado Kinda High Plains Just the Plains

33 Water from the ___________makes it possible To grow wheat and cotton in the high plains Water hose Edwards aquifer Ogallala aquifer River

34 Austin lies at the eastern edge of the landform known as the ______________ Plateau Edwards Franks Bobcat Miller

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