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The Four Regions of Texas

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1 The Four Regions of Texas

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3 The Gulf Coastal Plains
Houston, Austin, Dallas, Tyler, and Texarkana. Fishing, Timber (Forests), Farming, and Petrochemical. Warm and Humid Summers, Mild and Cool Winters, and Hurricanes. 30 to 50 inches of rain. Flat to rolling hills. Open grasslands to dense forests.

4 The Central Plains Fort Worth, Wichita Falls, and Abilene.
Food Processing and Transportation, Farming, and Ranching. Warm, Hot and Dry Summers. Cool/Cold Winters with ice and snow. 20 to 40 inches of precipitation .Thunderstorms with Tornadoes. Smooth rolling hills and open prairie, fewer tall trees than the Gulf Coastal Plains.

5 The Great Plains Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, Odessa, San Angelo, and Del Rio. Farming and Ranching. Large deposits of oil and natural gas. Wheat and corn grown in the panhandle. Warm/hot/dry summers. Cold winters. Blizzards and tornadoes. 10 to 20 inches of precipitation. High rolling plains to extremely flat. Few trees or shrubs. Canyons and basins.

6 Mountains and Basins El Paso, Marfa, Alpine and Ft. Stockton.
Tourism, Mining, Ranching, and Oil. Long hot/dry summers with mild to cold winters. Dust storms with less than 10 inches of precipitation. High hills to mountains. Highest point in Texas is Guadalupe Peak 8,749 ft.

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