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IEEE Expert Now Editorial Board Update Tamer Başar February 2008.

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1 IEEE Expert Now Editorial Board Update Tamer Başar February 2008

2 Editorial Board Members l Tamer Başar, Editor-in-Chief l Maja Bystrom l Edwin Chong l Kapil Dandekar l Phillip Laplante l Joe Lyding l Vincenzo Piuri l Litsa Micheli-Tzanakou

3 2003-2005 l Started as a new initiative in 2003 l Aimed to exploit intellectual property provided in IEEE Conferences l …but not yet captured in the conference proceedings l Objective: create a library of on-line modules for self-paced learning on state-of-the-art topics presented in IEEE tutorials and workshops l Sell to corporations as a package l Created 25 modules with NIC funding

4 2006-2007 l In 2006 societies started financing the modules l $20K per module l $610K in 2006 l $600K in 2007 l In 2007 an Editorial Board was created l Reviewed all existing and proposed modules l Considers enhancements and changes l Will be looking into the ability to run MATLAB/Simulink on line simulations

5 Number of Courses l Currently 70 courses are available l 32 courses are under development l Will bring the library to 100 modules by the end of 2008 l 31 new courses are planned l SME signed up or SME contract in negotiations

6 Subscribers l Currently 8 corporate subscribers l Mostly in telecommunications and aerospace l One consortium l IEEE members have rented 189 courses

7 IEEE Expert Now: 2007 Overview l Improved Processes l Product Enhancement l Launch of Member & Institutional Sales Within IEEE Xplore l Increased Sales l Increased Promotion & Outreach l Increased Technical Society Participation

8 IEEE Expert Now Society Funding Note: A number of Societies allocate additional funding in the second half of the current year that they did not originally commit to in their initial budgets.

9 The Future of the Product

10 Feedback from subscribers l The library is too small l We need 1000-1500 modules, not 100-150 l Library needs more depth l Need series of modules from introductory to in depth l We are currently conducting market research to understand the economics l What is the projected surplus if we invest in massive development of modules

11 The future of IEEE Expert Now l Option A: the current model l A slowly growing product providing moderate surpluses l Source of IP: societies – based on availability of SMEs and interest in investing in the product l Option B: increase content by an order of magnitude l Market research is underway to understand the economics l Source of IP: SMEs for hire based on directions from market research and editorial board

12 General Outline – Option B l Ramp up number of modules to 1000 l 100 new modules in 2009 l 150 new modules in 2010 l 200 new modules every year thereafter l Increase staff l 8 FTEs between 2009 and 2013 l Acquisitions l Production l Editorial

13 15 Feb 2008 Meeting Highlights l Course library l Identify gaps in the library l Course categorization l Work with IEEE Abstracts & Indexing l Evaluation of current courses l Review and update/sunset older titles l Course surveys l Develop feedback surveys for all courses

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