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CASE STUDY FOR ZAMBIA. Presented at EIFL-GA held in Lund, Sweden. August 6- 8,2010 by C.B.M.Lungu.

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2 CASE STUDY FOR ZAMBIA. Presented at EIFL-GA held in Lund, Sweden. August 6- 8,2010 by C.B.M.Lungu

3 The location map for Zambia Zambia is a signatory to several International Intellectual Property Treaties. One such Treaty is the World Trade Organization (WTO) Trade-related Agreement on Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)

4 TRIPS The negotiators of the TRIPS agreement recognized the particular concerns and needs of least developed countries (LDCs) when it comes to the intellectual property system

5 LDCs and TRIPS LDCs (which include Zambia) have until 2013 in which to implement TRIPS

6 Zambian situation Zambia is preparing for implementation and is in the process of updating all its IP laws including the Copyright law.

7 Strategy Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry hired a consultant to advise on the new draft law. Consultant advised that the Ministry consults with stakeholders in Zambia.

8 Libraries as stakeholders Libraries are an important stakeholder group. However, if they are not organized or visible the policy makers will not know who to ask.

9 ZALICO The Good news is that the Zambia Library Consortium (ZALICO) is organized. Mr. Benson Njobvu the eIFL- IP Coordinator is visible on IP issues. So ZALICO was invited to take part in the stakeholder consultations.

10 BENSON AND ZALICO Benson is the Team Leader on Training and Human Resource Development Working Group of ZALICO. As well as being EIFL-IP coordinator, this makes him a strategic member of the ZALICO Executive.

11 ZNWG-IP Benson was appointed to the Zambia National Working Group for Intellectual Property representing ZALICO to discuss the new law in 2009. In the WG, ZALICO is trying to influence the government to enact a new Copyright law that has good provisions for private study and research, fair dealing, criticism and review, reporting current events, judicial proceedings etc.

12 ZALICO & EIFL ZALICO with support from EIFL, has put forward suggestions for amendments to the existing Copyright law.

13 MEMBERSHIP OF THE ZNWG The ZNWG-IP has about 18 stakeholder groups represented. As well as ZALICO, these include: Ministry of Science and Technology Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Zambia Bureau of Standards Zambia Revenue Authority Civil society trade network National Arts Council Zambia Association of Chambers of Commerce and industry

14 STAKEHOLDER REPRESENTATION ZNWG-IP is national and places are limited so it is important that membership is representative of stakeholder groups. The Ministry also wants to be sure that consultation is with the community and not individuals. Thru Benson, ZALICO and its wider library interests are represented.

15 ZALICO & OTHER IP ACTIVITIES Thru Benson ZALICO has influenced the curriculum of the Library Studies Department at UNZA to include a Copyright course that has a perspective of an advocate librarian; In 2008 Zambia organized the SCANUL-ECS conference with the theme: Copyright and other IP issues; ZALICO has also participated in round table discussions on copyright issues such as one recently organized by The American Center; Currently ZALICO is organizing two sensitization workshops for Librarians on International and National developments on copyright; 10 th & 31 August 2010.


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