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Event Title Name Comenius Assistants Lowri Wyn Jones.

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1 Event Title Name Comenius Assistants Lowri Wyn Jones

2 Aims

3 The Comenius programme is a part of the European Commission funded Lifelong Learning Programme managed in the UK by the British Council To enhance the quality of European education To encourage the exchange of ideas and experience within the education systems of European countries To broaden the outlook and widen the experience of young Europeans To encourage a greater awareness of a shared European heritage

4 Background – what does Comenius support?

5 Background The Comenius Assistants programme is one of the 5 strands of Comenius activity. Partnerships for schools and colleges Professional development Comenius assistants Comenius Regio partnerships for local authorities Preparatory visits and contact seminars

6 Who can be a Comenius Assistant?

7 Who is it for? Intending and trainee teachers from across Europe. UK applicants are native level speakers of English, UK national or a national of one of the other participating countries ordinarily resident in the UK. Academic requirements are one of the following: A PGCE teaching qualification, but the applicant has not yet worked as a teacher. The applicant is studying towards a PGCE teaching qualification. The applicant has a minimum of two years of study at higher education level providing access to a career as a teacher in any subject.

8 What do CAs do?

9 Act as a UK ambassador and assist with the teaching of English Teach their specialist subject Bring a European dimension to the school Help develop links with other European countries Working hours 12-16 hours a week Placement duration 13-45 weeks Paid a monthly grant and return travel expenses Beginners language grant available (or EILC courses)

10 Where can they go?

11 All over Europe! The twenty-seven countries of the European Union (EU) The three countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) Belgium…Finland…Spain…Romania…Latvia…Germany…Iceland… Italy…France…Austria…Slovenia…Cyprus…Turkey…Greece...Norway…

12 Important dates

13 January 2010 (TBC)- Application deadline (annual deadline) February-March – Acknowledgement and assessment of all applications March-April – Applicants informed of outcome of assessment, and matching begins May - Matching meeting for all National Agencies June – Applicants informed about outcome of matching and sent details of matched school July – Pre-departure briefing for UK assistants August – Placements can start from 1 August and must end by 31 July at the latest

14 Comenius Assistants & Erasmus

15 Comenius & Erasmus Both part of the EU Lifelong Learning programme Comenius Assistants placements and Erasmus University placements Erasmus work placement grant, and Comenius Assistants Discussions taking place to open up the fee waiver to Comenius Assistants

16 Thank you Diolch yn Fawr

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