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2 Working as an assistant General role Ambassador of the UK Supporting teaching of English language and culture Taking small groups, team teaching Getting involved in the life of a school and community

3 Why be an assistant? immerse yourself in local language and culture learn about another education system get valuable life experience - build confidence and independence gain transferable skills – build your CV and improve your career prospects experience teaching integrate into a local community abroad represent the wider British Council aims receive an allowance British Council offers 2 programmes to be an assistant…

4 English Language Assistants Opportunities for UK undergraduates and graduates to improve their foreign language skills in a real-life context, and to contribute to the teaching of English in schools abroad.

5 What would I do as an ELA? Assist teachers in a primary or secondary school, college or university develop students skills in English inform students about contemporary UK culture make lessons fun and interactive work 12-20 hours a week work around 8 months

6 Where can I go as an ELA? You can state your preferences re: Country Age group Region (for most countries) Environment (city, town, rural) Any specific requirements (medical/dietary, scholarships, religious/family reasons, etc.) NB Preferences are NOT guaranteed!

7 Where can I go as an ELA? French-speaking countries Belgium Canada (Quebec) France (including Corsica and Outre-mer) Switzerland

8 Where can I go as an ELA? German-speaking countries Austria Germany Switzerland

9 Where can I go as an ELA? Spanish-speaking countries SPAIN LATIN AMERICA: ArgentinaChile ColombiaEcuador MexicoParaguay

10 Where can I go as an ELA? Other countries UNDERGRADUATES Italy FINALISTS / GRADUATES China

11 What support would I get an as ELA? Pre-departure information pack Contact details of predecessors, peers and former foreign language assistants In-country induction course Mentor teacher appointed in school Ongoing support from British Council and/or partner agencies abroad Access to teaching resources through the British Council website, including Language Assistants Manual

12 What about money as an ELA? Costs Salary – FLAs receive monthly allowance ERASMUS status (work placement) and grant if eligible

13 Am I eligible to be an ELA? Yes if: You are a native-level speaker of English You have completed your secondary schooling in the UK You have successfully completed minimum of 2 years at HE You have a minimum of Higher/A(S) Level in appropriate language (except China) Meet age limits set by partner agencies for certain countries NB Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements.

14 How do I apply to be an ELA? Application Deadline: 1 December 2011 Application form and guidelines available on from 17 October. NB Incomplete applications will not be accepted

15 What happens next? December - March Applications are processed and assessed (eligibility and quality). British Council acknowledges receipt of applications to tutors. Candidates contacted and scheduled for interviews (if applicable). April - May Matching meetings by country. June - July British Council informs your tutor of the status of your application. British Council starts to write out to candidates re region youll work in. Some candidates placed on a waiting list.

16 July - August Specific details of postings start to come through. Waiting list candidates sought to replace applicants who withdraw. Detailed info packs sent to all assistants. September - October Departures and in-country induction courses 1 Sep/1 Oct = start date for most assistants

17 Questions? Ask your tutor Contact British Council: 0161 957 7755


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