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Southend – Nice Contact Seminar India Roger – British Council.

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1 Southend – Nice Contact Seminar India Roger – British Council

2 Ideas and funding opportunities for developing the International Dimension Virtual linking and initial contact Global Gateway eLanguages eTwinning LGFL Online resources Pupil and teacher mobility and school linking School linking visits Joint Curriculum Projects and bilateral funding opportunities Comenius partnerships Connecting Classrooms DFID Global School Partnerships Continuous Professional development and recognition Comenius in service training 2 week primary teacher project Language Assistants International School Award

3 Useful Addresses India Roger

4 School / area linking visits -short visit to plan a curriculum project - one member of staff -grant up to £500 for travel, insurance, accommodation and subsistence (up to £1000 for long haul) -Can visit the school alone, or as a group within LA -Deadline for applications February 2009 - study-visit-funding.htm study-visit-funding.htm

5 Joint activity with partner school Joint Curriculum Projects -Be embedded in the curriculum of both schools e.g. sport, science, music, drama, art -Be collaborative -Include a language element -Involve pupil mobility (Fr, Ger, Sp)  Deadline for applications 09-10 -February 2009

6 Comenius Partnerships Comenius Multilateral Partnerships (min.3 schools) Comenius Bi-lateral Partnerships with a language focus Two-year projects: €8,500 (4-11 mobilities) or €16,000 (12-24 mobilities) for multilateral €16,000 (12-24 mobilities) or €22,000 (25+ mobilities) for bilateral Preparatory visits and contact seminars Deadlines end of Jan/Feb 2009

7 Global School Partnerships – Professional Development Opportunities Opportunities for accreditation for teachers involved in partnerships with a global dimension A UK training programme comprising: - an introductory session for schools considering or new to learning partnerships with schools in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean - four sessions for schools with established partnerships. Select from: a) building effective partnerships b) a global dimension in the curriculum c) involving communities or d) understanding education and development The training programme is offered in collaboration with regional and national education providers

8 Comenius - Professional Development Comenius School Partnerships CPD as part of multilateral or bi-lateral project (teacher exchange, head-teacher visit etc). Comenius Professional Development -grants for Training Course/Activity/Job-shadow DCSF 2 week Primary Teacher Programme - groups of 10 teachers – may be co-ordinated by LA Application deadlines for 2008/9: 31 May 2008 for those between 1 October 2008 and 31 January 2009 31 October 2008 for those between 1 February and 31 May 2009

9 Foreign Language Assistants Language support from a native speaker Students from 20 countries worldwide - includes native speakers of French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Russian Apply by March 7 th 2009 Assistants work 12 hours a week paid out of school budget (£6,736 p.a. outside London) Primary schools can now apply for an assistant (or share one between up to three schools) to support primary language learning

10 The DCSF Teachers’ International Professional Development programme (TIPD) Experience good practice in over 70 countries for 5-10 days Study visits with focus on school improvement Minimum of two teachers per school Transport/accommodation/internal travel/insurance LA-led visits: LA selects teachers and themes Report within one month of return Also delivered by Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, Best Practice Network and League for the Exchange of Commonwealth Teachers

11 Find Out More DfES white paper ‘Putting the World into World- Class Education’ can be met through British Council international education programmes ‘Put the World in your Class’ information pack, including fact sheets and CD-ROM for information resources and for information on ICT-based links with a partner school in another European country British Council Information Centre – 0161 957 7755

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