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ESE~Intensive Reading J. Melinda Christoph, MPA 2011-2012 Middleburg High School Middleburg, Florida.

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1 ESE~Intensive Reading J. Melinda Christoph, MPA 2011-2012 Middleburg High School Middleburg, Florida

2 Course Description The purpose of this course is to provide INTENSIVE instruction in reading concepts and skills to enable students with disabilities to function at their highest levels and prepare to participate effectively in post-school adult living and the world of work.

3 What does INTENSIVE mean? concentrated: involving concentrated effort, usually in order to achieve something in a short time (the FCAT or ACT). making heavy use of something: requiring or using a great deal of a particular thing (in this case READING).

4 In other words Students can expect to….

5 Why are students placed in my class? To become a BETTER Reader! This is a REQUIRED course for those students who scored 1 or 2 on last years FCAT.

6 What will we do in this class? Vocabulary ( Morphology ) Learn word attack skills (Context Clues) Work on comprehension skills (reading strategies) Read literature (mostly short stories) Practice Test Taking and Study Strategies We will Homework

7 Classroom Structure Word Warm-Up Skill Focus Lesson Group/Individual work –Fluency –Comprehension –Computer Skills STUDENTS WILL HAVE HOMEWORK IN THIS CLASS!

8 Student Conduct Students enter classroom quietly and begin working on warm-up assignment immediately. Binders should be at desk upon arrival. Absolutely no electronic devices to be turned on or visible in the classroom… this will result in immediate suspension! Students are not allowed to get up from their seat or talk without raising their hand… this is strictly enforced! (NO SPITTING) Students are not allowed to touch or make derogatory comments to one another for ANY REASON. (This includes play fighting or "kidding" around).. this is strictly enforced! No gum, candy, food or drink allowed in the classroom. Clear bottled water is ok… unless I bring in something for you The bell does not dismiss you. Students will be dismissed by me when the class is quiet and all supplies/binders have been put away… this is strictly enforced! Students are not allowed in my office for any reason. Student personal belongings, food or drink will NOT be kept in my office for any reason…. this is strictly enforced! Students should never have their heads resting on their desk or leaning on the arms… this is strictly enforced! Students will be allowed 3 passes per term for emergencies only ! And only if you have your own planner. Students will not be allowed to leave class to go see their contact teacher or guidance counselor unless you a pass for a scheduled conference. If I deem your request to leave class not to be an emergency you will not leave!...this is strictly enforced!

9 CONSEQUENCES Upon reading the expectations, it is assumed that the student understands that failing to follow these rules will result in immediate action. No second chances or warnings will be given after the first day. Minor infractions may include : getting out of seat w/o permission, talking out of turn, resting head on desk, coming into the classroom loudly, not being prepared for class, inappropriate response to teacher or other student. Taking too much time to begin working. Having to leave class due to dress code violation (class time must be made up). Minor infractions will result in: Phone call to parent or guardian with notification of after-school detention. (If a student should have a 7th period the students will stay after 7th period class). If the student is an athlete or ROTC, their coach will also be notified of the incident. Severe infractions may include : fighting, inappropriate language or conversation, multiple minor infractions, leaving the classroom without permission, having electronic devices visible. Severe infractions could result in: Face to Face conference with parent or guardian, teacher, and principal. Incident documented as a written referral. Students displaying poor or negative attitude will be ignored by the teacher and other students - consequence will follow. Students who feed into such behavior will also be disciplined. ALL CLASSROOM TIME OFF TASK MUST BE MADE UP!

10 About Me I have a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and Masters Degree in Public Administration from FSU!! Currently working towards Doctorate in Special Education from NOVA Southeastern University Seven years teaching experience Professionally Certified and Reading Endorsed! I also teach college courses at NFCC MHS Book Club Co-Sponsor


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