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Science 5 th and 6 th Grades Mrs. Wilfong Supplies: You will need a 1” binder and a spiral notebook.

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1 Science 5 th and 6 th Grades Mrs. Wilfong Supplies: You will need a 1” binder and a spiral notebook

2 Mrs. Wilfong’s Classroom Contract  Guidelines  Procedures  Rewards  Consequences

3 Guideline #1  When you come into class each day, be in your assigned seat and working on assigned bell work. Class begins when the bell rings.

4 Guideline #2  Bathroom breaks will not be given during important instruction time. If you need to use the restroom, raise your hand and show me the sign (2 crossed fingers), and I will sign your planner to leave.

5 Guideline #3  Homework is due at the next class period.  At the beginning of each week, you will record the homework for the entire week in your planners.  If you do not have your homework : 1. Student will fill out a pink slip to turn in. 2. Student will be required to call home to let parents know they will be attending homework recovery after school.

6 Paper Headings  Everything you turn in should be in the following format: Name & assigned # Date Hour and class #  Date and class number will always be on the board.  All assignments, supplemental materials and notes should also have the class number.

7 Paper Heading Example Patrick Smith 8-16-10 2 nd hour #1 1

8 Guideline #4 Absences  If you are, or are planning to be absent, you are still responsible for homework.  All Homework for the week will be posted on the whiteboard.  When you retrieve missing homework, you must sign the homework notebook that you received the assignment. (Date, Name, and Assignment).

9 Guideline #5  Bring all materials including pencils with you to class.  If you need a pencil, or need a sharpened pencil, take one from the sharpened pencil can and place your pencil in the used pencil can. Return your borrowed pencil at the end of class.  NO pencil tasks during instruction time. During other times, raise your pencil for permission to switch at the pencil can.

10 Conduct Guidelines  Treat everyone in the room with respect.  Do not talk while someone else is talking.  Be alert, involved and responsible for our own learning.  Follow directions the FIRST time.  No moving around the room without permission.  Follow all MOPA procedures and policies.

11 Guideline Infractions  Following guidelines will provide a positive learning environment.  Violating guidelines with result in: 1. Guideline infraction notice. 2. Plan of action, detention, phone call home. 3. Referral to the office.

12 Severe Infractions Any student engaging in severe disruptions will not receive any warnings and will immediately be given a referral to the office. Examples include, but are not limited to, profanity, fighting, damaging property, being disrespectful, or insubordination.

13 Getting Your Attention  When I need the attention of the whole class, I will clap twice and raise my hand. Immediate silence is expected and all students will raise their hand.  I will know I have your attention when you are facing me with your hand raised.

14 Entering the room  Enter quietly  Take your assigned seat  Prepare your materials  Review the agenda  Begin bell work assignment

15 Dismissal  The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell. Wait for the teacher to dismiss you.  Leave the classroom in an orderly fashion starting with table 7 followed by 6, 5,4,3,2,1.

16 Classroom Discussons  All students are expected to participate in classroom discussions.  If you have question or comment not related to the topic, write it down and put it in the question box at the end of class and I will address it at an appropriate time.

17 Group Work  All students are expected to have a job during activities.  Any student not participating with their group will lose points for that day. JOBS  Materials Manager  Reporter/Recorder  Assignment Director  Researcher

18 Thank You!  I know we will have a successful year if we all work together and follow the guidelines to keep everyone safe and stress-free. Mrs. Wilfong Miss Sherman

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