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Great Personalities BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS. Zumbi dos Palmares.

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1 Great Personalities BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS

2 Zumbi dos Palmares

3 Zumbi dos Palmares is a great personality because... Zumbi is a slave who became a symbol of black resistance against slavery.

4 Quilombo A quilombo is a Brazilian hinterland settlement by people of African origin. Most of the inhabitants of quilombos were slave scaped and, in some cases, a minority of marginalise d brazilian aboriginals, jews and arabs, and/or other non-black, non-slave Brazilians who experienced oppression during colonization. (

5 Quilombo of Palmares The most famous quilombo was Palmares, an independent, self-sustaining republic near Recife city, established in about 1600. Palmares was massive and consisted of several settlements with a combined population of over 30,000 renegades, mostly blacks. It was the only quilombo to survive almost an entire century.

6 Biography Zumbi was born in Palmares, Alagoas, Brazil. In 1655, Zumbi was 6 years old, was captured and became a slave of a Portuguese priest. At that time Brazil was a colony of Portugal. He was baptized with the name Francisco. Zumbi learned Portuguese and Latinand helped in the church. Zumbi escaped in 1670 and he returned to the Quilombo of Palmares. He helped defend the blacks and the poor living in Palmares to defend the white men who enslaved them. He became a respected military strategist to twenty years.

7 When the Dutch invaded Brazil in 1630, many slaves fled to the Quilombo dos Palmares. Palmares had 10,000 inhabitants.

8 The end In 1693, Domingos Jorge Velho led an invasion that destroyed the Palmares Quilombo. Zumbi was wounded. Zumbi manages to escape with a small group of survivors. He survived, but was betrayed by one of his companions.

9 Zumbi resisted, but was killed in 1695, having been decapitated and his head exposed on a public square in Recife.

10 Monument to Zumbi

11 Written by students: Alexandre, Larissa Luz, Jaqueline Vallim, Raiane, Tabata e Stephanie Viana. Class: 1ºB Teachers: Lucilene and Silvana Escola Estadual Professora Ayr Picanço Barbosa de Almeida

12 November, 20. Day of November, 20. Day of Black Consciousness

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