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New Imperialism in Angola

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1 New Imperialism in Angola
History P.6 Bryce Tokmakian Angel Ordaz Sarah Thomas

2 Motives for Imperialism
The main motive for imperializing Angola was the slave trade. The slave trade was one of the biggest trades of the time and gave a good sum of money to those who were involved in it. Another main motive for going to Angola was that there were a lot of raw materials in Angola. These materials consisted of gold, copper, spices, tea etc.

3 Motives for Imperialism
At the time of New Imperialism, the goal of most of the large countries was to gain land Portugal was no exception to this, they wanted Angola so that they could have more land, and have strategic ports for their naval power and for trading

4 How the Portuguese Gained Control
Portugal was one of first countries to colonize world Started exploring Angola in the 15th century They attempted many times to control Angola but their army failed every attempt until 1902, when the Bié Plateau was captured. White settlers quickly arrived in highlands Their control over Angola lasted until 1974 They had people in Angola for almost five hundred years but controlled it only 72 years.

5 Effects on Native Population
Many of the Native peoples of Angola were sold as slaves, to Brazilian merchants looking for free labor This then created civil war in Angola because rival tribes would capture their enemies and give them to the Portuguese to be sold as slaves

6 More Effects on Native Population
Only the strongest men, women, and children were wanted as slaves, leaving the population greatly weakened Most of the power and financial benefits were given to the home country, not the colonized one. This led to discrimination, and relatively little improvement to the economic ,and social aspects of the Angolan population.

7 Why Angola was Lost The main reason that the Portuguese lost Angola was because of the Colonial War. This war was fought between the Angolans,the Portuguese, and several other colonies all fighting for control. The war was Portugal’s last effort to keep their presence in Angola.

8 Why Angola was Lost In the early 1960’s, Angolan independents started their campaign against Portugal. After a meeting with three of the Independents guerillas, the MPLA, the FNLA, and the UNITA, the Portuguese were forced to sign peace treatise and leave the colony

9 Current Status of Angola
Half of the population is unemployed Most of their money comes from exporting oil to other countries They are an independent country with Republic government.

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