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TRAINING THE CLIL TEACHER: an inservice model John and Liz McMahon

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1 TRAINING THE CLIL TEACHER: an inservice model John and Liz McMahon

2 Objective of this presentation
To describe a 3 phase inservice CLIL training course for Maths and Science teachers

3 Objectives of the training course
To provide inservice CLIL training for state school teachers of Science and Maths, with the long term objective of developing their learners’ English to enable them to operate in a global work/study environment.

4 Course Structure

5 Phase 1 – General English
Objectives: To help the teachers improve their language to CEF B1 Content: Mainstream GE course with the addition of a lexical and skills syllabus oriented towards Maths + Science Use of loop input techniques to raise awareness of good language teaching practice. Length of GE course determined by level on entry.

6 Phase Two – Classroom Language Course
Objectives: To increase the teachers’ confidence in using English to manage and run their classes and interact with their students.

7 To raise the teachers’ awareness of the value of maximising their students exposure to English.

8 To further develop the teachers’ confidence in using Maths/Science vocabulary as outlined in the Curriculum.

9 Language layers SHOW HO Traffic transcript: learning opps for vocab (excuse) + structure (much v many)

10 CL course: Syllabus English for Personal Interaction
English for Classroom Routines English for Giving Instructions Asking Questions and Eliciting English for Monitoring and Feedback Developing Content Vocabulary Creating a Language rich Environment Use of L1 HO: categorising sentences



13 Phase 3 Objectives: To raise teachers’ awareness of the linguistic & methodological implications of CLIL. To observe teaching and evaluate how well teachers assimilate and use CLIL methodology. Mention 60 hours, modules

14 Phase 3: CLIL Phase 3: CLIL
Overall thread: identifying language demands and providing language support CALP Input content derived from national curriculum

15 CLIL: Module Structure
Session 1: demonstration lesson with focus on skill/task design/group work/vocabulary Session 2 : analysis of LD & LS in the lesson Sessions 3 + 4: Application and practice. HOs: Samples of lesson plans

16 Assessment Assessment Reflective tasks Microteaching
Classroom-based observations 16

17 Contextual Variables Pedagogic & linguistic competence
Sociocultural constraints Modes of delivery Joint vision of stakeholders 17



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