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Next Generation Internet in the Netherlands Kees Neggers Managing Director SURFnet NORDUnet2000 Helsinki 29 September 2000.

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1 Next Generation Internet in the Netherlands Kees Neggers Managing Director SURFnet NORDUnet2000 Helsinki 29 September 2000

2 Topics Introduction GigaPort SURFnet5 International Connectivity Access Projects Applications Closing remarks

3 SURFnet Provides the Dutch National Research Network Not for profit company 200 connected organisations, 400.000 users Turnover (1999): 20 M Infrastructure services: –innovation paid for by the government –cost effective exploitation for higher education and research

4 SURFnet Network - evolution Access capacity

5 Start of GigaPort initiative SURFnet realised that a new infrastructure project was needed the required funds couldnt be delivered solely by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science Higher Education and Research are drivers for network innovation the project would have a broader economic value

6 Opinion article in newspaper (August) Parliament motion: Invest also in knowledge infrastructure (November) Submission of request for grant (June) Submission of business plan (September) Grant of 71 M (October) Start of the project (April) 19971998 History of the GigaPort initiative 1999

7 GigaPort objectives Accelerate innovation using NGI technologies for: – Business – Research and Education – Healthcare Offer: – State-of-the-art research network as testbed – Know-how regarding NGI applications – Access to innovative user group (students) – Contacts to form consortia

8 GigaPort funding 1999-2002 Source Ministry for Economic Affairs 62 9 International connectivity 35 16 4 14 2 Destination 100% = 71 mln Ministry for Education, Science and Culture Management Applications knowledge generation Access projects Research network

9 GigaPort projects and organisation

10 SURFnet AUP Full service for Research and Higher Education Institutes All others, including industry, test and development activities for advanced applications

11 GigaPort-Network target for 2002 National Research Network100 times faster than SURFnet4 (partnership)20 Gbit/s access, minimum 15 PoPs IP over optical transmission infrastructure New IP features, e.g. QoS Access projectsPilots for wired and wireless access (multiple partnerships)(GPRS, xDSL, Fiber to the Dormitory, Gigabit Ethernet Cable modems, UMTS, ) International connectivityAMS-IX: 5 Gbit/s (procurement)Europe: 2,5 Gbit/s Rest of world: 2.5 Gbit/s

12 External Connectivity Organisations Users Intercontinental National Research Infrastructure SURFnet4 / SURFnet5 Access IP over wireless LAN Access IP over GSM, UMTS Access IP over cable, xDSL,Fiber Europe Amsterdam Internet Exchange Amsterdam Internet Exchange Overview GigaPort Network

13 SURFnet4 topology

14 Specifications of SURFnet5 100 times as fast as SURFnet4 IP over optical transmission infrastructure 80 Gbit/s backbone - 20 Gbit/s access Introduction of new IP features, e.g. –Authentication and Classes of Service –IPsec, Multicasting and IPv6 –MPLS, VPN and Traffic Engineering In partnership with industry

15 SURFnet5 rollout 31 December 1999, contract signed with Telfort and Cisco Systems Summer 2000 start pilot network 4 GSR+ nodes, 2.5 Gbit/s links January 2001 start (pre)production network 15 GSR+ nodes, DWDM, 10 Gbit/s links January 2001, Collapsed backbone, 4 GSR+ 2002 Upgrade collapsed backbone

16 SURFnet5: Pilot network Four-node GSR+ network @2.5G POS-framing Status: up-and-running Available until November 2000 for testing: –Performance tests using GIGAcluster –MPLS Traffic Engineering plus Fast ReRoute –New multicast features –IPv6

17 SURFnet5: Pilot network (schematic) SURFnet4 Enschede Delft Eindhoven Amsterdam POS framing 2.5 Gbit/s

18 SURFnet5: Pre-production network Collapsed backbone with: –2 core sites (each 2 GSR+s interconnected at 10G POS) –15 concentrator sites (each 1 GSR+ connected to both core sites at 10G POS) Status: Currently being built Available end of 4Q 2000 (except one concentrator) Selected customers connected to SURFnet4 *and* SURFnet5

19 Hempoint SP (SARA) Concentrator (15x) FRR POS framing at 10 Gbit/s Telforts DWDM Network: Always two separate routes SURFnet5: Pre-prod network (schematic) POS framing at 10 Gbit/s

20 SURFnet5 Production network Putting the pre-production network into production Planning: Summer 2001 Start migrating all 200+ customers to SURFnet5 Upgrade of the 4 core routers to ? Available until the end of 2005

21 SURFnet5 PoPs

22 SURFnet5 access capacity Access capacity 100 Gbit/s 1 Gbit/s 10 Mbit/s 100 Mbit/s 10 Gbit/s 1999200020012002 155 Mbit/s 2,5 Gbit/s 20 Gbit/s SURFnet5 10 Gbit/s 1.0 Gbit/s SURFnet4

23 GigaPort External connectivity Global Internet Connectivity 622 Mbit/s –two 155 Mbit/s connections from Teleglobe in New York –two 155 Mbit/s connections from Level 3 in Amsterdam 155 Mbit/s to Abilene in NY, 155 Mbit/s to STAR TAP 155 Mbit/s to TEN-155, 622 Mbit/s in October Gigabit Ethernet connection with the AMS-IX CfP in preparation for: 2.5 Gbps Global Internet Connectivity in Amsterdam Partnership for Trans-Atlantic Lambdas

24 GigaPort Network Access Broadband access anytime anywere target 2002: 20% of students >2 Mbit/s at home Pilots with access technologies GPRS pilot with Libertel (Vodafone) and Ericsson. Two xDSL pilots with four Universities –Eager Telecom in Twente –Cistron in Amsterdam and Delft Technology Assesment Cable TV, no pilot yet Fiber to the Dormitory, Evaluation of bids Gigabit Ethernet, Call in preparation

25 Example Students University Twente

26 GigaPort-Applications programme Pilot projects with partners, e.g. (financed by partners) Video over IP (IBM, NOB, SURFnet) Online services platform (Lucent, KPN, TNO) Billing and security (Ericsson, KPN) Teleconsulting (Rotterdam hospital, Lucent, Siemens) Virtual Port (Rotterdam Port, ABN AMRO, CMG, ECT) Knowledge generation (financed by GP-A) Working apart together Multimedia management Electronic transactions Mobile services Middleware Technology push Market pull

27 Generic Services Authentication (chipcards, TTP) LDAP and Directory Enabled networking Encryption (IPsec) Real-time multimedia conferencing Multiparty virtual reality communication

28 SURFworks Conferencing Streaming Video Chipcard based transaction environment SURFnet Video Portal

29 Conclusion: essential elements High ambition level, use of leading edge technology, not just copying the USA Broadbased commitment from several Ministries and the Business Community Armslength Project Organisation with flying start based on existing organisations Communicate: internationally, nationaly and per stakeholders group

30 Main challenges Address high costs of last mile access to network Reinforce role of universities and research institutes as accelerators Accelerate rate of experimentation by business Achieve shared sense of urgency and opportunity


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