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National Computerization Agency (NCA) Future of KOREN/APII October 31, 2003 Byun, Sang-Ick / NCA

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1 National Computerization Agency (NCA) Future of KOREN/APII October 31, 2003 Byun, Sang-Ick / NCA (

2 National Computerization Agency (NCA) 1/19 Contents o Overview of KOREN/APII KOREN Overview KOREN Update Overview of APII/TEIN Traffic Trends on KR-JP o Future of KOREN/APII The needs for C-J-K Connectivity Proposed C-J-K Infra Procedure (draft) C-J-K Joint Project proposal / Major Applications Future of other international links

3 National Computerization Agency (NCA) Overview of KOREN/APII

4 National Computerization Agency (NCA) 3/19 KOREN Overview Korea Advanced Research Network A non-profit advanced network funded by MIC Supports the development and deployment of the new technologies and applications KOREN History 1 st Phase (95~97) : ATM Service and testbed 2 nd Phase (98~2001) : IP Service over ATM 3 rd Phase (2002~2005) : Optical Internet * NCA has been the official agency of KOREN since 2002 and responsible for whole KOREN activities

5 National Computerization Agency (NCA) 4/19 Seoul Daejun Daegu Busan Gwangju Suwon GSR 155 M JGN (JP) 1 G ATM Switch 155Mbps 2.5Gbps Router Remark DWDM 40 Gbps Gigabit Switch GSR 6 M 10 M Backbone : 40G ~ 2.5G Access Network : 1G ~ 155Mbps KOREN Topology GSR STARTAP (USA) GEANT (EU) SingAREN (SG) GSR

6 National Computerization Agency (NCA) 5/19 KOREN Update (Year 2003)

7 National Computerization Agency (NCA) 6/19 Member Institutes

8 National Computerization Agency (NCA) 7/19 Overview of APII/TEIN o APII Testbed (Asia Pacific Information Infrastructure) KR-JP 1Gbps KR-SG 6Mbps (upgrade is under discussion) KR-US STARTAP 155Mbps CN & MY are planned in near future o TEIN (Tran Eurasia Information Network) 45Mbps in 2003 connecting Asia and Europe directly International Link to KOREA

9 National Computerization Agency (NCA) 8/19 Advanced R&E Network in AP

10 National Computerization Agency (NCA) 9/19 Traffic Trends on KR-JP Korea - Japan

11 National Computerization Agency (NCA) 10/19 Status of International Collaboration RegionCircuitsFields Asia KR-JP 1Gbps KR-SG 6Mbps IT related Research using IPv6 High Bandwidth Network Research Collaboration on e-education Medical collaboration on endoscope surgery Basic Science research using GRID Digital TV/Video Conference research US KR-US 155Mbps High Bandwidth Network Research Research on Artificial Heart Weather Protection system development High Energy Physics using GRID Europe TEIN 10Mbps IT related Research using IPv6 High Energy Physics using GRID Various Researches on IT field

12 National Computerization Agency (NCA) Future of KOREN/APII

13 National Computerization Agency (NCA) 12/19 The needs for C-J-K Connectivity o Increasing needs for IT Collaboration between JP-KR-CN IPv6 Technology and Application, GRID Computing, High Quality Digital Video Conferencing and other research field (Meteorology/High Energy Physics/etc) o Needs for Joint Research projects in Northern East Asia (JP-KR-CN) Many Demands on Joint Research Projects for Application Development, Technology Development, Standardization between JP-KR-CN o Necessity of Research Network interconnection between JP-KR-CN To fulfill these needs for collaboration, direct interconnection of research network between JP-KR-CN is needed

14 National Computerization Agency (NCA) 13/19 10Gbps Triangle After 2006 Proposed C-J-K Infra. KR JP CN 1Gbps 45M/155M (initial) 2.5Gbps (future) 20Mbps (2.5G future) CRL, JGN KOREN 2.5Gbps(future) DRAGONTAP

15 National Computerization Agency (NCA) 14/19 Procedure (draft) KR-CN Link Connectivity (1st Stage) Initial Speed would be 45M or 155Mbps Speed Upgrade of C-J-K (2nd Stage) KR-CN will be upgraded to 1Gbps while KR-JP to 2.5Gbps 2.5Gbps Optical Ring over C-J-K (3rd Stage) KR-CN will be upgraded to 2.5G and build 2.5G optical ring over C-J-K Lambda network over Asia Pacific Region (Final Stage) Build 10Gbps Lambda network over C-J-K and extend to other AP region

16 National Computerization Agency (NCA) 15/19 Collaboration Steering Committee o Organization for Collaboration Activity Organized with the experts who have strong activity of joint collaboration on IPv6, GRID, international advanced network between C-J-K Opinion exchange will be done mainly by email group 2 or 3 time of the Collaboration Steering Committee meeting to discuss in detail and make some decisions for activity plan o Main Role and Study Items Survey for collaborative projects and Decision for main target area Promote the joint collaboration projects with their side of researchers Setup the common policies for network connectivity Discuss the future of C-K-J links and Collaboration

17 National Computerization Agency (NCA) 16/19 C-J-K Joint Project Proposal (draft) Video Conferencing- VRVS, Access GRID, Isabel HDTV - MPEG2-encoded system with 20Mbps/ 1200*700 Remote Seminar/Class -DVTS(30~40Mbps) -Digital Video with MPEG encoding(2~3M) Climate Prediction -Regularly scheduled file transfer between APCN member organizations in C-J-K Yellow Dust -Real-time video/data transfer when yellow dust occurs (remote station with Video Cam Measurements-OCgE and other measurement tools ItemsCandidate System

18 National Computerization Agency (NCA) 17/19 Major Applications over C-J-K ApplicationsBandwidth High Energy Physics45M ~ 1Gbps Weather Information Exchange45M ~ 1Gbps Full HDTV300M ~ 1.2Gbps Museum-High Resolution20M ~ 300Mbps Medical Applications40M ~ 120Mbps Bio Informatics20M ~ 1Gbps VLBI45M ~ 1Gbps

19 National Computerization Agency (NCA) 18/19 Future of other international links o Korea – Malaysia : 2004 (Under Discussion) o Korea – USA : 622M or 1Gbps Upgrade (plan) o Other Korea – Canada : Plan Korea – Australia : Plan

20 National Computerization Agency (NCA) 19/19 Thank you! Byun, Sang-Ick (

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