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HD-00-223 Networks in Europe and the World GÉANT Howard Davies DANTE NORDUnet 2000 Conference.

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1 HD Networks in Europe and the World GÉANT Howard Davies DANTE NORDUnet 2000 Conference

2 HD The Journey Ahead Starting Point Direction Vehicle Destination


4 HD TEN-155 Service Basic IP service 19 NRENs (inc. NORDUnet) access capacities in range 10 Mbit/s (IE, LU) 622 Mbit/s (DE, NL) MBS (Managed Bandwidth Service) ATM-based guaranteed capacity typically used for demonstrations VPN capability testing of new technology (native multicast, diffserv, MPLS, IPv6)

5 HD The Direction Expanded geographic coverage All FP5 countries Connectivity to other world regions Much higher capacities Target: 2.5 Gbit/s in 8 locations in 2001 Tens (or hundreds) of Gbit/s within 4 years Improved resilience End-to-end QoS


7 HD Capacity Requirements US demonstrations Research Channel HDTV: 5 streams of 200 Mbit/s Internet2 Land Speed Record: 830 Mbit/s Internet2 LSR, 2nd edition: 30 Oct 00 Development of Grid technologies and services distributed, high speed computation with large data sets application areas include: nuclear physics, earth observation, meteorology, multi-disciplinary design, computational chemistry, drug discovery, finance engineering, business decisions, multimedia

8 HD QoS: the Infinite Bandwidth Debate Over-provision of bandwidth is simple goes a long way towards meeting QoS needs is adequate in the short term, but From the Abilene QoS Planning Group: congestion on part of end-to-end path prepare for congestion (risks.. victim of.. success) blaze a trail... exemplary QoS architecture Distributed computing services, including grids, need predictable QoS

9 HD The Vehicle Géant - the network service to succeed TEN-155 GN1 - EC project under FP5/IST Four year contract with 25 NRENs plus DANTE effective 1 Nov Meuro committed by EC further funding available (?), eg for US contract signature Oct 00 (?)

10 HD Géant Services Basic IP service including connection to research networks in other regions Native multicast Premium IP service Guaranteed capacity ) end-to-end, with Virtual private networks) NREN involvement New services IPv6 support (not ATM) for disruptive testing

11 HD Tests/Piloting Year 1 commitment premium IP MPLS/VPN multicast improvement IPv6 traffic measurement Annual update of technology roadmap

12 HD Géant Technology Vision ideal is dedicated fibre + DWDM, but is it available (throughout Europe)? is it ready (for operational service)? is it affordable? (equipment costs?) Tender ITT issued 7 Jul 00 to 88 organisations (inc. 12 NRENs) open specification (min 2.5G, target 8 locations) Timetable deadline for tenders is 29 Sep 00 TEN-155 contracts continue till 30 Nov 01 1/2/3/4 year commitment?

13 HD The Destination The most advanced possible networking support for the research and education community throughout Europe A high quality network service to which other world regions wish to connect.

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