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HD-00-223 Networks in Europe and the World GÉANT Howard Davies DANTE NORDUnet 2000 Conference.

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1 HD-00-223 Networks in Europe and the World GÉANT Howard Davies DANTE NORDUnet 2000 Conference

2 HD-00-223 The Journey Ahead Starting Point Direction Vehicle Destination


4 HD-00-223 TEN-155 Service Basic IP service 19 NRENs (inc. NORDUnet) access capacities in range 10 Mbit/s (IE, LU) 622 Mbit/s (DE, NL) MBS (Managed Bandwidth Service) ATM-based guaranteed capacity typically used for demonstrations VPN capability testing of new technology (native multicast, diffserv, MPLS, IPv6)

5 HD-00-223 The Direction Expanded geographic coverage All FP5 countries Connectivity to other world regions Much higher capacities Target: 2.5 Gbit/s in 8 locations in 2001 Tens (or hundreds) of Gbit/s within 4 years Improved resilience End-to-end QoS


7 HD-00-223 Capacity Requirements US demonstrations Research Channel HDTV: 5 streams of 200 Mbit/s Internet2 Land Speed Record: 830 Mbit/s Internet2 LSR, 2nd edition: 30 Oct 00 Development of Grid technologies and services distributed, high speed computation with large data sets application areas include: nuclear physics, earth observation, meteorology, multi-disciplinary design, computational chemistry, drug discovery, finance engineering, business decisions, multimedia

8 HD-00-223 QoS: the Infinite Bandwidth Debate Over-provision of bandwidth is simple goes a long way towards meeting QoS needs is adequate in the short term, but From the Abilene QoS Planning Group: congestion on part of end-to-end path prepare for congestion (risks.. victim of.. success) blaze a trail... exemplary QoS architecture Distributed computing services, including grids, need predictable QoS

9 HD-00-223 The Vehicle Géant - the network service to succeed TEN-155 GN1 - EC project under FP5/IST Four year contract with 25 NRENs plus DANTE effective 1 Nov 00 80 Meuro committed by EC further funding available (?), eg for US contract signature Oct 00 (?)

10 HD-00-223 Géant Services Basic IP service including connection to research networks in other regions Native multicast Premium IP service Guaranteed capacity ) end-to-end, with Virtual private networks) NREN involvement New services IPv6 support (not ATM) for disruptive testing

11 HD-00-223 Tests/Piloting Year 1 commitment premium IP MPLS/VPN multicast improvement IPv6 traffic measurement Annual update of technology roadmap

12 HD-00-223 Géant Technology Vision ideal is dedicated fibre + DWDM, but is it available (throughout Europe)? is it ready (for operational service)? is it affordable? (equipment costs?) Tender ITT issued 7 Jul 00 to 88 organisations (inc. 12 NRENs) open specification (min 2.5G, target 8 locations) Timetable deadline for tenders is 29 Sep 00 TEN-155 contracts continue till 30 Nov 01 1/2/3/4 year commitment?

13 HD-00-223 The Destination The most advanced possible networking support for the research and education community throughout Europe A high quality network service to which other world regions wish to connect.

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