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Health Introduction Wellness.

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1 Health Introduction Wellness

2 Warm-up Journal What does it mean to be healthy?
Do you think you are a healthy person? Why? In what ways are you healthy? In what ways are you unhealthy?

3 Dying back in the day… (Review from HW)
1800s-1900s Most deaths were from infectious diseases (pathogens such as bacteria) Examples Polio Tuberculosis Pneumonia Influenza

4 Modern Causes of Death (Review from HW)
Advancements Medical Advances Improved Living Conditions Preventative Medicine Lifestyle Diseases Influenced by Choices Controllable Risk Factors Physical Activity Smoking Weight & Diet

5 Adolescent Risk Factors (Review from HW)
Brainstorm… What are the leading causes of death for teenagers??? Leading Causes of Teen Deaths Motor Vehicle Accidents Homicide Suicide Other Accidents

6 Health Risk Behavior (Review from HW)
Sedentary Lifestyle Not being physical active Alcohol & Drug Use Can cause physical problems & impair judgment Leading to accidents and diseases (STDs) Unsafe Sexual Activity Possible disease & unplanned pregnancy Risky Behaviors that Cause Injury Carrying a weapon, not wearing a seat belt, etc. Tobacco Use #1 Preventable cause of death in the U.S. Poor Eating Habits

7 Brainstorm: Six Components of Health
Spiritual Health Social Health Mental Health Emotional Health Physical Health Environmental Health

8 Physical Health Eats Right Exercises Regularly
Avoids Tobacco, Alcohol, & Other Drugs Is Free of Illness

9 Emotional Health Expresses emotions in a positive, constructive way
Has positive coping skills Is aware of feelings

10 Social Health Respects Others Has Supportive Relationships
Expresses Needs

11 Mental Health Has High Self Esteem Enjoys Trying New Things
Is Free of Mental Illness

12 Spiritual Health Has a Sense of Purpose Follows Morals & Values
Feels a Unity with Others

13 Environmental Health Has Clean Air & Water
Has a Clean & Uncrowded Living Space Recycles

14 Striving for Optimal Health
Wellness = Your Best in All 6 Areas Influences: Age, Race, Gender, Heredity Social Cultural Environmental Taking Charge : Knowledge Attitudes Health Skills Health Literacy Advocacy…

15 Homework! For each of the six components of Health, complete the following: Brainstorm 1 lifestyle adjustment/change that can improve this component Explain why Due tomorrow

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