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Welcome! Mrs. Meyer Mr. Fawcett Room 910/908. Language Arts  Grammar  Spelling  Vocabulary  Literature/Reading  Writing  Speeches and Presentations.

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Presentation on theme: "Welcome! Mrs. Meyer Mr. Fawcett Room 910/908. Language Arts  Grammar  Spelling  Vocabulary  Literature/Reading  Writing  Speeches and Presentations."— Presentation transcript:

1 Welcome! Mrs. Meyer Mr. Fawcett Room 910/908

2 Language Arts  Grammar  Spelling  Vocabulary  Literature/Reading  Writing  Speeches and Presentations

3 Language Arts Pacing… Language Arts Block Days will usually be divided into 3 parts:  Grammar or Spelling  Literature/Reading/Writing  Vocabulary (almost everyday)

4 Mathematics Algebraic Reasoning Integers Number Theory & Fractions Operations with Rational Numbers Proportional Relationships Measurement and Geometry Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities Students need to know their math facts! Please drill them, if needed.

5 Online Textbook Support Homework Help Online and Parent Resources (KEYWORD CODES are embedded within textbook) video tutorials, additional practice, examples of concepts and other activities (PASSWORD NEEDED) USER NAME= room908 PASSWORD = room908

6 Social Studies: Ancient Civilizations Time Begins… … Rome Falls!!!  Timelines  Maps  TCI Activities  Projects  Reports  Videos  Field Trips

7 Earth Science World of Earth Science Rocks and minerals Energy resources Plate tectonics Earthquakes and volcanoes Water cycle, erosion, deposition Exploring the ocean Weather and climate

8 6 th Grade Exploratory (non-music students)  A different teacher per/quarter  Classes are a mixture of all 6 th grade students  A wide variety of topics that enrich, reinforce, and extend learning  Questions? Please contact your child’s exploratory teacher

9 RAM TIME  Everyday (40 minutes)  20 minutes can be for: - starting homework -journaling -checking student planner -speaking to the teacher -assemblies -other school business  20 minutes is for school-wide reading

10 Supplies Be prepared for success!  Homework  Spirals  Colored pencils, glue sticks, and scissors  Pencils and pens  Textbooks (only SS book at school)  NO staplers or mechanical pencils  Student Planner  Workbooks

11 The SPIRAL Notebook Social Studies Period 6  Need 4: CORE subjects  Used everyday  Table of Contents  One spiral check a quarter (100 pts.) (Meyer only)

12 The Student Planner  Homework should be written down daily  Parent view each night  Planner should always be in student’s backpack  The FIRST place you look to find out the homework How else can you find out the homework?  Ask your child  Have your child call a friend  Go to “Learning Point” and view the homework link of the web pages

13 The 3-Ring Binder  Travels with the student  All papers should be in the correct section  No loose papers  Homework in the front of each section  Graded work in the back of each section

14 Late Work Students who are absent may turn in late work the next day for full credit. Grades will be lowered one letter grade for every day that the homework is late. We call this the 10% “discount”.

15 Student Success Homework completion Organization Studying for tests/quizzes Making up late/missing work

16 Outdoor Education  March. 14-18 at Cuyamaca; cost is $330 (Fundraiser in October)  Lessons on ecology, crafts, history, and more  All day adventures (great hikes!)  Talent Show  Songs, games, and contests  Team-building and cooperative learning  Website at

17  Fundraiser begins October 4 and ends on October 27  Each “braid” is $12.00  42% of all sales go directly to the cost of camp ($5 discount per/braid)  Drawings for extra prize money$$$  Details coming on October 4  Opportunity for kids to take OWNERSHIP of their expenses  Cost of camp is $330  Camp dates are March 14-18 6th Grade Camp Fundraiser BUTTER BRAIDS BUTTER BRAIDS

18 Field Trips:  Mysteries of Egypt (Dec. 17)  USD/Earthquake simulator activity (Spring)  End-of-the-Year Activity

19 Parent~Teacher Conferences  Oct. 4-Oct. 8  Not everyone will be seen this week (time constraints)  Conference times will be assigned  Bring your child, backpack, and student planner  Conference w/both teachers

20 Communication  E-Mail:  Voicemail  Note at the office  Note from home  Learning Point


22 Let’s take a look at Learning Point! Check grades online Check daily homework Important events Etc…

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