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Public Policy.

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1 Public Policy

2 Public Policy A general plan of action adopted by government to solve a social problem, counter a threat, or pursue an objective. The process by which government decides what are human needs and problems and how to best solve them. The method by which government attempts to solve the problems of a nation.

3 The Policymaking Process
Agenda Setting A variety of factors affects agenda building: events, crises, change in expert opinion, interest group agitation Change in public opinion Policy Formulation Policy Adoption Implementation Policy Evaluation

4 Influences on Lawmaker’s Policy Preferences
Ideology Colleagues Staff Party President Interest Groups Iron Triangles (key administrator, congressional subcommittee or committee chair, lobbyists from key client groups Issue Networks

5 Domestic Policy Crime Prevention – FBI, DEA, ATF
Education – Brown v. Board of Education, No Child Left Behind Act Energy The Environment – EPA, Clear Air Act, Endangered Species Act Health Care – CDC, VA, FDA, Affordable Care Act Social Welfare - “welfare” reformed under President Clinton

6 Domestic Policy Social welfare expenditures have increased steadily in order to provide minimum standards for all citizens. Great Depression New Deal (FDR) New Frontier (Kennedy) Great Society (Johnson) Social Insurance (Social Security Act of and Medicare 1965) (FDR and Johnson) Public Assistance Affordable Care Act (Obama)

7 Economic Policy Raising revenue (taxes) and spending
Fiscal and Monetary Policy Chief Advisors to the President: Secretary of the Treasury, Council of Economic Advisors, Director of the Office of Management & Budget OMB: Supervises/writes the budget which is submitted to Congress Congressional Budget Office Impact of Committees on Budget; Appropriations Reaganomics

8 Budget Issues Fiscal Cliff Entitlements Welfare Medicare
Social Security Deficit/Debt Mandatory Spending v. Discretionary Spending

9 Foreign Policy Foreign Policy involves the strategies and procedures dealing with other nations. The President and Foreign Policy Formal powers of the executive branch v. formal powers of the legislative branch The Department of State The Department of Defense The National Security Council The Central Intelligence Agency

10 Isolationism v. Globalism
Cold War Politics Nixon Doctrine/Détente Carter Doctrine Reagan Bush Clinton Obama Free trade, GATT, MFN, Globalization

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