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THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH The President The Administration

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1 THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH The President The Administration
Unit 3 We the People THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH The President The Administration

2 Executive Office of the President
White House Office National Security Council Office of Management and Budget Office of the VP

3 Executive Departments

4 State Department (1789) FUNCTIONS/JOBS AGENCIES
3 Original Executive Departments Hires experts on foreign policy Issues passports and visas Sets up embassies run by ambassadors

5 Treasury Department (1789)
FUNCTIONS/JOBS AGENCIES 3 Original Executive Departments Prints nations money Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ATF ( Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco and Firearms)

6 Defense Department (1789) FUNCTIONS/JOBS AGENCIES
Dept. of War and Dept. of Navy combined Joint Chiefs of Staff are most important advisors 3 Original Executive Departments Largest department Defense Intelligence Defense Commissary Defense Logistics Defense Security

7 Justice Department (1870) FUNCTIONS/JOBS AGENCIES Enforces federal law
Headed by attorney general FBI – Fed. Bureau of Investigation DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency)

8 Interior Department (1849)
FUNCTIONS/JOBS AGENCIES Manages and preserves the nation’s public lands and natural resources Manages and conserves natural resources US Fish and Wildlife National Park Service Soil Conservation Service

9 Agriculture Department (1889)
FUNCTIONS/JOBS AGENCIES Helps farmers produce better crops and helps maintain meat and poultry quality Food Safety and Inspection Service USDA

10 Commerce Department (1903)
FUNCTIONS/JOBS AGENCIES Supervises international trade, promotes business, and collect economic information Supervised tourism, trade Census Bureau Patent and Trademark Agency

11 Labor Department (1913) FUNCTIONS/JOBS AGENCIES
Enforces laws to protect workers OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Admin.

12 Health and Human Service Department (1953)
FUNCTIONS/JOBS AGENCIES Provides financial support for needy people and works to fight illness Food and Drug Admin (FDA) CDC (Center for Disease Control)

13 Housing and Urban development (HUD) Department (1965)
FUNCTIONS/JOBS AGENCIES Works with cities to rebuild slums and improve neighborhoods Deals with special needs and problems of cities

14 Transportation Department (1967)
FUNCTIONS/JOBS AGENCIES Manages the country’s highways, railroads, airlines, and sea traffic FAA (Federal Aviation Admin.) regulates airlines

15 Veterans Affairs (1988) FUNCTIONS/JOBS AGENCIES
Directs services for military veterans VA Hospitals

16 Education Department (1979)
FUNCTIONS/JOBS AGENCIES Funds bilingual education, health and drug education , and vocational training “No child Left behind” Head Start

17 Energy Department (1977) FUNCTIONS/JOBS AGENCIES
Regulates development and use of oil and gas reserves and nuclear power Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Office of Environmental Management Office of Nuclear Energy Office of Science

18 Homeland Security (2002) FUNCTIONS/JOBS AGENCIES
Oversees national strategy to safeguard our country form terrorism Established after 9/11 attacks US Customs Secret Service Coast Guard Citizenship and Immigration Service (old INS) FEMA

19 Independent Agencies CIA -Central Intelligence Agency
EPA – Environmental Protection Agency Federal Reserve System FDIC Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Social Security Admin. FTC – Fed. Trade Commission

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