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Immigration Unit Vocabulary

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1 Immigration Unit Vocabulary
Vocabulary QUIZ on Friday

2 The process of relocating to a new region
Migration The process of relocating to a new region

3 immigrant A person who leaves one area to settle in another

4 push factor A reason that causes people to leave an area

5 pull factor A reason that attracts people to another area

6 culture The shared attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors of a group

7 diversity Having many different ways to think or to do something, or a variety of people

8 refugee A person who flees a place to find safety

9 persecution Cruel treatment on the basis of religion, race, ethnic group, nationality, political views, gender, or class

10 discrimination Actions that might be hurtful to an individual or a group

11 Read pages 66-71 with your partner:
Think, Pair, Share: What are some examples of pull factors? How can political actions push people to migrate? What is the basic difference between push factors and pull factors?

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