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Why do people Move?.

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1 Why do people Move?

2 Causes of Migration Migration- The process of relocating to a new region. Immigrant- A person who leaves one country to settle in another. Push factors- The reasons that cause people to leave an area. Pull factors- The reasons that attract people to another area.

3 Push factors Change in environment such as climate change.
Refugees- A person that flees a place to find safety. Someone fleeing war. Persecution- Cruel treatment of a particular group.

4 Pull Factors The desire for land has pulled people to new regions for thousands of years. Sometimes people move for cultural reasons.

5 Where People Migrate What are the two kinds of migration?
Internal and External migration Internal migration- when people move from one place to another but stay within the same country. External migration- migration across parts of a continent may take place quickly, but sometimes it takes hundreds of years. Migration

6 Pause and Think Explain why you think someone would choose external migration over internal migration.

7 The Effects of Migration
How does migration affect people and lands? Culture- is shared attitudes, knowledge and behaviors as a group. Diversity- having many different ways to think about or to do something. Discrimination- actions that might be hurtful to an individual or group.

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