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( · ). Reading (1) Unit 1 : skimming scanning Brainstorming What would you enjoy most in a UK school?

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1 ( · )

2 Reading (1) Unit 1

3 : skimming scanning

4 Brainstorming What would you enjoy most in a UK school?

5 Reading strategy Skimming 1. We skim a text when we want to get a general idea of what it is about. 2. the title the first and last sentences of each paragraph the first and last paragraphs Charts pictures

6 Skim the passage Find out the main idea of each paragraph. Paragraph 1School _______________ Paragraph 2Attending_____________ Paragraph 3_________ and ____________ Paragraph 4-6__________ and _________ Paragraph 7British ____ and her_________ Paragraph 8Her _________________ hours assembly teachers classmates homework subjects foodactivities intentions

7 Reading strategy scanning 1. We scan the text when we want to find certain information in a text quickly. 2. key words and phrases dates numbers

8 Scanning to get certain information 1.What did Wei Hua think of her life in the UK? 2. What subjects did Wei Hua study in the past year? 3. Which British city did Wei Hua go to? She thought it was an enjoyable and exciting experience.(line1-2) English, history, English Literature, Maths, Computer Science, Science, PE, Art, Cooking and French.(line24-25) Manchester.(line49)

9 Part C1: T/F 1. Wei Huas favourite teacher was Mr Heywood. 2. Most British classes have fewer than thirty students. 3. Wei Hua had more homework in her school in China. T T F

10 4. It was very expensive for Wei Hua to communicate with her parents. 5. In the UK, students can choose to stop studying any subject. 6. The cake made by Wei Hua did not taste good. F F F

11 Part C2: 1. According to the headmaster, what should the student spend much time on? 2. Why was it a struggle for Wei Hua to remember the names of her classmates? 3. Why did Wei Hua find her homework difficult at first? They should devote themselves to study. Because there were different students in some classes. Because all the homework was in English.

12 4. Who gave Wei Hua a lot of support in her studies? 5. How did Wei Hua manage to improve her English? 6. What do the British like eating at the end of dinner? The teachers gave her much encouragement. She used English every day and spent an hour each day reading English books in the library. They like to eat dessert at the end of dinner.

13 AspectsDetails General impression It was a different but exciting and enjoyable 1.______________ AssemblyStudents should attend it on the first day and the 2.____________ Will tell the rules of the school during that period. ClassOur class is of the 3._______ size; we would never study in a fixed classroom. Subjects EnglishI practiced it every day, so it got 4. ________ a lot. FrenchI had an 5._______ French class on Tuesday evenings. CookingI learned a lot and could make delicious cakes. Selective ones Students can 6. _______ studying some subjects if they don t like them. 7._______It was not heavy but a bit 8.______________ Spare timeI played football with others, 9._______ under a tree and went to the Computer Club where I could send e-mails to my family and friends 10._________ of charge. expericenced headmaster average improved extra stop Homeworkchallenging relaxed free Consolidation: Task-based reading

14 Suppose you were a student from the UK, introduce: School life in China

15 Homework 1. Part E 2. Revise the passage and prepare for an interview with Wei Hua.

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