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Unit2 School life Checkout Unit 2 School Life Oxford English 8A.

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1 Unit2 School life Checkout Unit 2 School Life Oxford English 8A

2 1. 2.

3 1.He has ( )books than I. 2.Simon has ( )drink than Kitty. 3.He has (many) pens in our class. 4.Kate studies (few) subjects of us. 5.Of all the students, our monitor spent (little) time but made the most process. fewer more the most the fewest the least

4 reading week Home Economics Life in a British school Task 1

5 Fill in the blanks John is in a _________school. It is ______ Woodland School. It is a ________ school. That means boys and girls have lessons __________. Johns favourite _________ is Home Economics. He likes learning how to ______ and _______. Now he knows how to make _________ and _______ meals. British called/named mixed togethersubject cooksew healthytasty

6 His school has ______________ every year. The students all love it. They can read _______________ the school library. They can even _________ books and __________ from home but they ___________ tell their English teacher what they are reading. Near ______________ each class they can _______ their friends about their books. The ________________is always too short because they want to read all their friends books ____________. a reading week any books from bring inmagazines have to the end of talk to as well reading week

7 Life in an American school driving lessonsoftball game buddy clublunchtime

8 Fill in the blanks Nancy is 14 years old. She is in an _________ school. Her brother is 17 years old. So he had _______________ in school last year. Now he can ___________ school every day. Its _____ than taking the bus. Nancy likes playing __________. Every Monday she goes to a _____________. There they can make some good friends. Julie is her __________. She helps Nancy a lot. So Nancy thinks Julie is her __________. American driving lessons drive me to faster softball buddy club buddy hero

9 Kitty 13 Amy 13 1.Kitty is _____________ Amy. 2. The price of the hat is ___________ the ties. ¥ 98 the same age as the same as

10 size: 40 the same size as 3. This goldfish is _________________ that one. 4. Mr Greens shoes are ______________ Mr Whites. the same colour as

11 Tom has ____ cakes ____ Lily. Lily has _____ cakes ____ Tom. more fewer TomLily than

12 Simon has less orange juice than Sandy. Sandy has more orange juice than Simon.

13 1. I need less flowers than my sister. 2. The teacher has fewer money than her brother. 3. There are less water in this bottle than in that one. 4. He spends much time playing computer games than anyone else in his class. fewer less is more

14 Summary

15 Millies pencil box is the same size as Amys pencil box. Amys pencil box is the same colour as Kittys pencil box. Amy has fewer pencils than Simon. Simon has more paper clips than Kitty. Kittys rubber is different from Simons rubber. Read the following sentences first.

16 Find out which pencil box belongs to each of the students.

17 What will you think of when you hear the word sports? Lets revise words about sports

18 Sports BaseballSoftball Table tennis Tennis Basketball volleyball Swimming

19 What will you think of when you hear the word school subjects? Lets review!

20 Computer Studies Politics Geography Physics History Music Home Economics Maths Languages Chemistry Biology Art PE Science School subjects

21 Stationery p a p e r

22 Schools and students Mixed school Secondary school High school Senior

23 Word group softballrulergeographymixed school basketballpencilmathssecondary school table tennisrubbersciencehigh school paperhistorysenior sport stationary School subjects Schools and students

24 1.. There are than girls in ________ school. 2.. I know problem. 3.. He on Chinese than on Maths. 4.. PE is one of. more boys a mixed how to solve the spends more time the most popular subjects

25 5.. They always have _______________________ ___________in class. 6.. Next month he is going to. 7.. There are some flowers the river. a great time listening have two days off on each side of carefully

26 1. Finish the exercises on the paper. 2. Homework


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