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Unit 2 What is happiness to you ? Unit 2 What is happiness to you ?

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3 Unit 2 What is happiness to you ? Unit 2 What is happiness to you ?

4 Brainstorming: Look at the pictures and figure out what happiness means to them?

5 Being ________ creative

6 Doing _________things exciting

7 Playing_______ sport

8 Reading

9 Spending time with_______ family

10 _______new things learning

11 The search for happiness

12 An interview takes place when one person ( ) asks another person ( ) a series of questions on the topic. interviewer interviewee

13 the first paragraph Introduce _______of the interview, who the interviewee is and what he does. How to read an interview the topic

14 How to read an interview the following paragraphs 1.Fully understand the question. 2.Read the interviewees response. 3.Pay attention to the summary of the background of topic.

15 Task 1-- Skimming: 1.What is the topic of the TV interview? 2.Who is the interviewee? 3. What are the questions the host asked? Happiness. Can you tell us a little bit about Sang Lan and who she is ? How old was she when the accident happened? How old was she when the accident happened? How has she adapted to her new life? How has she adapted to her new life? Dr Brain

16 Task 2--Scanning: Background information of Sang Lan: Birth day: ____ Birthplace: __________ Teammates comments:__________________ Year of winning competitions____ Age of being disabled:___ 1981 17 Ningbo, China energetic, happy, hard-working 1991

17 Read Para 5 to find out related information. Before the accident While in hospital Now /After leaving hospital Happy and successful in her sport Cheerful Find happiness through reaching much smaller goals Through the love of the people around her

18 Read Para 10 to complete the table. Many (1)________ visitors like Leonardo DiCaprio went to (2)______ her up. She was always in good (3)_______ and thought about (4)_______ she could do to get better. She was happy for her teammates (5)__________ and was proud of the things she had (6)_______________. She was happy to see her (7)_______. Hearing she would never be a gymnast, she was able to overcome her (8)______________ and felt happy to be (9)______ and (10)_______ to have the rest of her life to learn new things. While in hospital famous cheer spirits what successes accomplished parents disappointment alive lucky

19 What kind of person do you think Sang Lan is? She is a/an ________ person.

20 Conclusion of the topic What is the intention of the hosts conducting this interview? He hopes all the viewers can be inspired by Sang Lan because her courage is admirable.

21 How can you stay optimistic if you failed your exam /exams or got low marks ?

22 ( )1. Dr Brain studies happiness. ( )2. Sang Lan became a gymnast when she was eleven years old. ( ) 3 Before her accident, Sang Lan s best event was the vault. T T F six Task 3 – careful reading P20 C1

23 ( ) 4. Sang Lan was injured in China in 1998, while practicing for the Goodwill Games ( ) 5. Sang Lan broke her legs and will never walk again. ( ).6 visited Sang Lan in the hospital. F F T neck Leonardo DiCaprio New York Leonardo DiCaprio Titanic

24 Task 4-Task-based reading comprehension( 1 word ) Sang Lan s search for happiness Before the accident Sang Lan was happy to 2. _________herself to gymnastics and was very successful. While in hospital She fell from the 3.______ and would never walk again. Many famous visitors like Leonardo went to 4._____ her up. Sang Lan was always in good 5._______and focused on goals. She never cried or felt 6. _____ She was also happy for her teammates 7.__________ and was proud of her 8._____________. 1.______ leaving hospital She has 9._________ to her new life and keeps learning and stays 10._____________. vault After cheer spirits successes adapted positive devote _______ ___________ _______________ ___________ ____________________ hopeless accomplishments

25 personality of Sang Lan brave cheerful determined energetic hard-working optimistic active positive courageous considerate

26 Set goals Smile more Possible ways:

27 Share happiness Ready to help others

28 Have a good sense of humor

29 Be willing to forgive Make true friends

30 Believe in yourself Respect the weaker

31 Always smile in spite of difficulties

32 When a door of the happiness is closed, another opens. The most beautiful future will always depend on the need for forgetting the past. You will be able to go from the past as long as you have overcome the errors of the past.

33 Homework: Retell the story of Sang Lan.

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