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Revision Module 6 Unit 1 Laughter is good for you.

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2 Revision Module 6 Unit 1 Laughter is good for you

3 Word checkpoints

4 1. One __________( ) fact is that he was once a __________( ) comedian. 2. Zhao Lirong was an ____________( ) ___________( ). She ll live in our heart for ever. 3. Bi Fujian s ____________( ) with all age groups is due to his __________ ( )hosting style. little-known well-loved enthusiastic actress popularity humorous Fill the proper words in the blanks

5 4. He says sitting on an invisiblebench is very __________.( ) 5. The teacher looked __________( ) when his student ___________( ) over to the courtyard instead of following him. 6. Father often makes us burst into l__________ by telling us different j_________. Fill the proper words in the blanks cosy annoyed wandered aughter okes

6 7. Director is a person in c_______ of the performance of a drama. 8. Wearing jeans and sports shirt is not ___________ for a job interview in the government. 9. The boy was very angry and ____ the letter to pieces. 10. A good actor or actress can reach a wide a____________. Fill the proper words in the blanks harge appropriate tore udience

7 1.raise 2.worthwhile 3.annoyed 4.routine 5.award 6.appropriate 7.enthusiastic 8.amuse 10.tear 11.somehow 12.silent key words

8 the usage of these words

9 1.Writing is tough work, but I hope it will all be worthwhile. It is worthwhile to do sth doing sth be worth n/pron doing be worthy of sth of being done to be done

10 worth worthy worthwhile A. It is ___________ to buy /buying the dictionary. B. I think the dictionary is _______ of being bought. C. I think the dictionary is _______ buying. D. I think the dictionary is _______ to be bought. worthy worth worthy worthwhile

11 Test 1.They would rather the money they collected went to a ____ cause. A.worth B. worthy to C. worthwhile D. worthy of 2. ----What do you think of the book? ----Oh, excellent. Its worth ____ a second time. read B. to be read C. reading D. being read

12 annoyed annoy annoy sb be annoyed with sb be annoyed at/by sth 1.. 2. John She was annoyed at what you just said. I saw John was becoming annoyed with me. 2.Mike looks annoyed.

13 amuseamusement amusing amused amuse sb amuse oneself with be amused at/by/with 3.His popularity with all age groups and his ability to amuse people all over the world prove that stand-up can be enjoyed by everyone.

14 My grandmother seemed to be highly _________ by my remarks. He is a really special person, gentle and __________ at the same time. He told her a (an) ___ story. There was an ____ expression on her face.; amused B. interesting; amusing C. amusing; amused D. amused; amusing amused amusing practice

15 4. Each time he performs his stand-up routine in front of millions of people when the show is broadcast live on TV. He was born in Shanghai but now he lives in Beijing. He lives a happy life. The professor made an experiment on a live animal. The opening ceremony will be broadcast live on TV., …

16 compare alive living lively live

17 practice 1.She was ________ when they took her to the hospital. 2.The boy gave us a ___________ description of what had happened. 3.English is a __________ language and is always changing. 4.The cat was playing with a __________ mouse. alive lively living live lively, living, live, alive

18 5 tear n/v tear up tear down tear to pieces tear in half/two tear into halves

19 burst into tears (burst out crying) in tears move to tears hold back ones tears

20 examples 1.He was angry and ________the letter. 2.The workers _________the old building and set up new ones. 3.The ticket collector ____my ticket ______and handed back the half. 4.She burst __________on hearing the news. tore up tore down tore in two into tears

21 1. somehow somewhat anyhow A. The price was ___________ higher than I'd expected. B. ___________ the right chance never seemed to present itself. C. It may rain, but _______________I shall go out. D. I think we can manage that _____________. somewhat Somehow anyhow somehowanyhow

22 2. quiet silent still calm A. Youd better be _______ about what happened. B. Please keep _____ when I take your photograph. C. Be _____! Im telephoning. D. The police chief advised his men to stay ____ and not to lose their temper. silent still quiet calm

23 3. glare at glance at stare at A. The little girl ___________ the little cats tumbling over each other in their basket. B. She _________me if I go near her desk. C. He stole a ____________ the pretty girl across the table. stared at glares at glance at

24 4. raise rise arise A. She ______ her finger to her lips as a sign for silence. B. The sun _____ in the east and sets in the west. C. A new difficulty has ______. raised rises arisen

25 Phrases

26 1., 2. 3., 4. …… 5., 6., 7. 8. 9. 10. …… take on make up burst in have an effect on/upon at one time hold out be supposed to make sense be divided into be appropriate to/for

27 take on 1. 2. 3. We are going to____ _____ ____ _____ __________. Dont ____ ____ _____ _____ than you can do. His hometown_____ __ _ ___ ____. take on a new secretary take on more work takes on a new look

28 take in take up take over take down take off take after take place take to take sth for granted …… take

29 take after, take over, take up, take down 1.I wont __________ much of your time. 2.When Mr Green retired, his son ___________ the business from him. 3.Your son does not _________ you in any way. 4.He ___________ the details in a note book. take up took over take after took down

30 take in, take on, take to 1.Youve __________ too much. 2.Dont be ________ by his promises. 3.Tom _________ Alice as soon as they met. taken on taken in took to

31 make up 1. She is very good at making up stories. 2. Great Britain is made up of three parts. 3. Nowadays many girls make up when they are still quite young. 4. We must make up for the lost time. 5. She has made it up with him. 6. I have made up my mind, and nothing you say will change it.

32 make up tear up ___ hold up ___ fix up ___ set up ___ keep up ___ take up ___ step up ___ show up ___ pick up ___ stay up ___ give up ___ A B C D E F G H I J K E D C B A G K J I H F

33 1.After he retired from office, Rogers ____ painting for a while, but soon lost interest. (2006 ) A. took up B. saved up C. kept up D. drew up 2. She ____ Japanese when she was in Japan. Now she can speak it freely.(2006 ) A. picked out B. made out C. made up D. picked up

34 3. For all these years I have been working for others. Im hoping Ill ____ my own business someday. (2006 A. turn up B. fix up C. set up D. make up

35 at a time at that time at times, at the same time at no time in no time, for a time, at one time,

36 Experts have been warning ____ of the health risks caused by passive smoking.(2007 a time B. at one time C. for some time D. for the time

37 hold out, hold on hold up hold back hold onto hold off hold with

38 We thought of selling this old furniture, but weve decided to ______ it. It might be valuable.(2005 ) A. hold on to B. keep up with C. turn to D. look after The big strike of the workers would __________ the production of cars for several months. A. hold down B. hold on C. hold with D. hold up

39 Practice

40 1.Many people have come to realize that they should go on ____ balanced diet and make ____ room in their day for exercise.(2006 ) A. a; / B. the; a C. the; the D. /; a

41 2. Everybody in the village likes Jack because he is good at telling and __ jokes. 2006 A. turning up B. putting up C. making up D. showing up

42 3. If you think that treating a woman well means always ___ her permission for things, think again. 2006 A. gets B. got C. to get D. getting

43 4. Dont be _____ by products promising to make you lose weight quickly. 2007 A.taken off B.taken out C.taken away D.taken in

44 5. My morning _________ includes jogging in the park and reading newspapers over breakfast. (2007 ) A.drill B. action C. regulation D. routine

45 6. Cathy is taking notes of the grammatical rules in class at Sunshine School, where she ___ English for a year. (2007 ) A. studies B. studied C. is studying D. has been studying

46 7. Could I speak to ____ is in charge of International Sales, please?(2007 ) A. anyone B. someone C. whoever D. no matter who

47 8. Scientists are convinced _____ the positive effect of laughter ____ physical and mental health. (2007 ) A. of; at B. by; in C. of; on D. on; at

48 9. He tried his best to solve the problem, ____ difficult it was. (2005 ) A. however B. no matter C. whatever D. although

49 10.---Hi, is that Peter Brown? ---Sorry. You _____ the wrong number.(2007 ) A.must have dialed B. must dial C. should dial D. should have dialed

50 Style Observational,prop,2____and impressionist Billy Crystal A famous 3______ A film and TV 4_____ A 5_____of the Academy Awards Has outstanding ability to 6_____and 7_____ people all over the world. Conclusion Laughing keeps us 8_________ Laughing helps us 9_________ pain Laughing makes us live 10 _________ 1 comedy

51 1.Stand-up 6.improvise 2.physical 7.amuse 3.Comedian 8.healthy 9.fight 10.longer

52 Why a sense of humor is important 150 1. 2. 3.

53 1. ______________ 2. ________________ 3. _________________ 4. _________________ 5. __________________ 6. ______________ 7. _______________

54 1. __________________________ 2. ____________________________ 3. ______________________________ 4. ______________________________ shows ones characteristics never feel dull /bored a well-educated person. do good to your health mentally and physically

55 5. ____________________ 6. _______________________ 7. __________________________ keep you in high spirits get along well with sb. see things from an entirely different point

56 Why a sense of humor is important Humor always shows a persons characteristics. If you can see everything with a sense of humor, you are an interesting person, and people will never feel dull together with you. It also shows that you are a well-educated person. You are healthy and happy with your sense of humor, for it can always keep you in high spirits, which will do good to your health mentally and physically. A sense of humor changes the color of the whole world before you.

57 You will get along with others with your sense of humor. People feel it a pleasure to be with you, for you help them to see things from an entirely different point and a much brighter point of view. So go and make someone laugh, which may help them and you live longer.

58 Thank you!

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