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Lead-in What can make you laugh? Chinese comedians.

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2 Lead-in What can make you laugh?

3 Chinese comedians

4 Mr. Bean A foreign comedian

5 Reading

6 Fast reading 1.What is the article mainly about? 2.How many types of stand-up are mentioned? 3.Who is the famous comedian? 4.What is laughter good for?

7 Careful reading Part 1 (Line1-6) What is special about stand-up comedy? The comedian is right there in front of the audience and may talk directly to audience members.

8 observational prop physical impressionist Part 2 (Line7-21) Four types of stand-up using things to make jokes making jokes about the humorous things in daily life acting as a famous person using bodies to make jokes

9 Part3 (Line23-47) Pair work : Ask and answer questions about Billy Crystal.

10 Part4 (Line49-57) 1.Why is laughter good for your health? When you laugh, your brain sends chemicals around your body that are good for you. Laughter is the best medicine. 2.What is the famous idiom about laughter in our passage?

11 Consolidation: cloze test Stand-up is one of the most well-known and well-loved types of comedy.In observational comedy,the comedian makes________ about humorous things he or she observes in ________ life. Prop ____________use props to tell their jokes. Physical comedians use their ______ to make jokes. Impressionist comedians act or speak like a well-known person, which is called doing an __________ of the person. jokes everyday comedians bodies impression

12 Billy Crystal is one of the stand- up comedians who have become _______ as TV and film actors later in life.His __________ with all age groups and his ability to _______ people around the world prove that stand-up can be enjoyed by everyone. Doctors have been researching the ______ stand-up and other forms of comedy have on people. They have ___________ that people who laugh a lot live longer. This agrees with the English saying “__________ is the best __________.” famous popularity amuse effect discovered Laughter medicine

13 Reading strategy : guessing the meaning of a word from the context. 1. main (Line 8) 2. routine (Line 28) 3. outstanding (Line 33) 4. improvise (Line 33) 5. appropriate (Line 40) 6. amuse (Line 42)

14 1. main (Line 8) 2.routine (Line 28) 3.outstanding (Line 33) Choose the suitable meanings of the words. A C A A.major B.detailed C.surprising A. way B.custom C.performance A. excellent B.popular C.hard-working

15 4.improvise (Line 33) 5.appropriate (Line 40) 6.amuse (Line 42) B A C A.improve B.perform without preparation C.perform after preparation A.suitable B.exact C.fair A.make…anxious B.make…cry C.make…laugh

16 Game Who is your favorite comedian? Please act or speak like him or her and let others guess.

17 Discussion What else can help people keep healthy?

18 My opinion: having a balanced diet exercising regularly having a good mood being optimistic …

19 Laughter brings us good luck can keep us young can help us forget our worries can make us healthy and happy can make the world peaceful is the brother of strength is the shortest distance between people

20 Homework : 1.Oral work: Read the new words. 2. Written work: Exercises on P 104 and P 105.

21 Thank you!

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