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Unit 4 Newspapers Betty met Zhou Lan in the students’ dining room. Betty wanted to have a ____ ____Zhou Lan’s _____ of China Daily. She wanted to know.

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2 Unit 4 Newspapers

3 Betty met Zhou Lan in the students’ dining room. Betty wanted to have a ____ ____Zhou Lan’s _____ of China Daily. She wanted to know _____ would be ____ that weekend. The newspaper said that the “Red Roses” pop group would give a ________. They were said to be ___ _____. Betty ______ like to go. Finally they decided to go to the _____ together. lookat copy performance on what very good would concert Retell the dialogue

4 DISCUSSION Work in groups of four. Discuss and report 1.Which newspapers and magazines do you read? 2. Which newspapers and magazines do you buy? 3.Which part of the newspaper do you find most interesting? 4. Which part of the newspaper do you find least interesting?

5 editor n.— the person who prepares other people’s writings for newspapers or magazines; the boss who decides which news will be put in the newspaper each day

6 journalist n.— a person who collects information and writes news stories and articles

7 interview n. ---- a meeting at which sb. is asked questions

8 photographer

9 . Magazine lorry

10 magazine chief editor journalist interview lorry advertisement photographer

11 Every morning, the newspaper chief editor holds a meeting with the journa- lists. They discuss the main events of the day. Reporters are then sent to cover the events. HOW A NEWSPAPER IS PRODUCED As soon as the reporters know what to write about, they get down to work. They telephone people and fix a time for a face-to-face interview with them. Some-times they do telephone interviews. Checking information is very important. They go to the news- paper's own library to look up any information that they need. This is called “doing one's homework”.

12 At the same time, the picture editor decides which photographs are needed for the next day's paper. Photographers are then sent to take the pictures. Sometimes old ones are used from the newspaper's own picture library. Doing this can save a lot of time and money.

13 situation, everyone has to move fast. Journa- lists have to stop working on one story and start working immediately on the important new one. They must find out the new information as quickly as possible. A photographer is sent immediately to take photographs. All the people who work on a newspaper must be able to work fast. For example, there might be a big fire, or an important person might die. In this

14 Later in the day, everything is put together at the news desk. Reporters return, type their stories into the computer and hand them to the editor. Photographers return and the photos are quickly developed.

15 The chief editor decides which will be the most important story on the front page. Sometimes this will have to be changed if something more important happens late in the day. Other editors read the stories which the reporters have written and make any necessary changes. They also write the headlines for each story. Doing this is more difficult in English than in Chinese. In English the letter M is wider than the letter I, so editors must check that there is enough space for the headlines they have written.

16 Finally, there is no more time left for adding new stories, and the time for printing the news- paper has come. This is done on fast- moving printing machines. The newspapers are then delivered by lorry, plane or rail. Speed is important. People want to buy the latest newspaper; nobody wants to buy yesterday's.

17 China has its own English language news- paper, China Daily, which is published in Beijing. It appears from Monday to Saturday with a Sunday edition of Business Weekly each week. It has all the usual sections of a newspaper, including Home News ---- news about China, International News ---- news from abroad, Business News, Travel News and Sports News.

18 There are plenty of pictures, and a weather report every day. There are reports on new plays, movies, books, new restaurants and so on: There are also longer articles about businesses, or people with interesting jobs, or about different areas of China. Every Saturday there is a section about things to do at the weekend and the TV programmes in the coming week. China Daily has plenty of advertisements, which help to cut the costs of making the newspaper. There are advertisements for computer companies, businesses, hotels, airlines, travel companies, jobs and so on.

19 Many foreigners like to read this newspaper. It is also popular with students of English, who read it in order to improve their English. Sun Yao, a student of English in Beijing, said, “I like reading China Daily. Learning new words and useful expressions is very important for me, so I read it every day. I can see how English is used in everyday life as well. Besides, I enjoy learning about new things from politics to sports and music.”

20 1.The __________ hold a meeting. chief editor 2.__________ interview people and write stories. 3.__________ take photographs. 4._____________ are quickly developed. 5.Editors __________ the reporters. 6.Editors write the ____________. 7.the newspapers are ___________. 8.The newspapers are ____________by train and truck. journalists photographers photographs check headlines delivered printed

21 Questions: 1.What does the newspaper chief editor do every morning? Why? 2. What do the reporters usually do? 3.What’s the meaning of “doing one’s homework”? 4.What kind of people should the journalists be?

22 Questions: 5. What do photographers and picture editors do? 6. What is the chief editor’s work? What do the other editors do ? 7. Why is writing headlines in English more difficult than in Chinese? 8. Why must all the people who work on a newspaper work quickly?

23 Choose the best answer. 1.When a newspaper reporter is “doing his homework”, he is _. A.looking up the information he needs B.doing telephone interviews C.covering an important event D.working on a newspaper 2.What does “cover” mean in “reporters are then sent to cover the events.? the details of sth. upon or over sth. a certain distance D.protect sth. from a loss

24 3. The process of producing a newspaper is ____ according to the test. A.complicated B.easy C.simple D.dull 4. _____ may be the most important in the success of a newspaper. A.Quickness B.Honesty C.Designs D.changes 5. After reading the 1th passage, we can infer that _____. produce a newspaper needs many people to work together B.many people prefer to read out-of-date newspaper C.articles written by journalists can be printed immediately D.China daily is not popular with students of English

25 1.I enjoy visiting friends ____ my sister would rather stay at home. A. when B. while C. after D. as 2. I really don’t know ______ next. A. what to do B. to do what C. how to do D. what do 3. The stranger tried to speak slowly so that he could make himself ________. A. understood B. understand C. understanding D. to be understood. 4. Let Harry play with your toys as well, Clare----you must learn to ____. A. support B. care C. spare D. share A A A D

26 IF YOU’R HAPPY, LET’S SING TOGETHER! Homework 1.Read lesson 14 and lesson 15. 2.Finish WB

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