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Power Point Review View as slide show to see animations.

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1 Power Point Review View as slide show to see animations

2 File extension of PowerPoint 2007 is.pptx Self Explainatory

3 Identify the 6 main views of PowerPoint and why each is necessary Normal – To edit and create slides Outline – To create quick slides from outline/Overview Slide Sorter – To view order and rearrange slides Notes Page – Useful for creating index cards for presentation Slide Show – To present Slide Master – To create universal edits on all slides This is normal view

4 Identify and use the ribbon in PowerPoint 2007 Ribbon – Located at the top, abouve the slide area – Used for various formatting options – Specific items have specific tabs Imported pictures have a picture format tab

5 Identify the parts of a PowerPoint window Ribbon Tri- pane Office Button

6 How to select a design theme, color scheme, and font scheme Design tab on Ribbon Select desired design either from scroll or drop down box Colour scheme is to right of design scheme Font Scheme is below colour scheme Each scheme can be applied to either all slides or independent slides. Nonadjacent slides can be selected via control clicking on slide pane

7 How to delete/insert a slide Ribbon – Home tab New Slide – Slides can be sorted via slide sorter view or clicked and dragged via slide pane Control + M – Shortcut for making new windows

8 How to enter/edit text in a slide Ribbon – Home tab – Layout Select desired layout and click within text box to create/edit – Insert Tab Select Insert Text box to create sizeable textbox

9 How to control bullet styles Tab demotes bullets Shift + Tab promotes bullets Can also be promoted/demoted on home tab of ribbon

10 How to change the slide layout Ribbon – Home Tab Layout and select desired layout

11 How to move around in a presentation Within a Slide Show – Click to advance – Use down/right arrow keys

12 How to create a footer on a PowerPoint slide (but not on the Title slide!) Ribbon – Insert Header & Footer – Tick Don’t Show on title slide

13 How to insert notes in PowerPoint and print them out in notes view Tripane – Notes Located at bottom OR Notes page View Printed Via office button – Print Select Notes from drop down menu

14 How to change the order of a slide using the slide sorter view Ribbon – View Slide Sorter – Click and drag

15 How to add transitions to a slide show Ribbon – Animations Transitions are located mid ribbon Additional options on the right

16 How to animate text, images, and smart art in a slide show Ribbon – Animations Animate drop down menu (left of transitions) OR Custom Animations for advanced making – Select custom animations – Select the element – Add effect » Timing and other options can be edited from the additional drop down menus

17 How to add sounds to a slide show and attach the sounds to animation Ribbon – Animations To the right of the transition bar Transition sounds – Select from drop down – If no desireable sounds are located, select other sounds to browse for

18 How to play a sound file for the entire slide show Same as inserting a sound – Select apply to all This applies a sound to every slide, which ends as soon as the sound is done. Might not be what he’s asking for. If he’s asking for playing a single sound for the entire slide show, you can insert a sound and then tick loop sound until next sound from the drop down menu to make that sound repeat each and everytime until the next sound. Sound starts playing from selected slide until the end.

19 How to insert clip art to a slide Two ways – Ribbon Insert – Clip art Home Tab – Layout » From the layout select it within the empty content box

20 How to insert and manipulate smart art and word art in your presentation Same as clip art, just select smart art.

21 How to insert an organization chart using smart art Insert the smart chart using the pre mentioned methods – Select hierarchy Edit to your desire

22 How to use and edit images other than clip-art in a slide show (.jpg,.gif,.bmp) Insert via same way as clipart/smart art, just select the option picture from ribbon or insert picture from file from empty content box

23 How to use the slide master to change the slide design Ribbon – View Slide Master – Each and every edit to the slide master will effect EVERY slide of the same type. – Edit the other slide master types to effect every other slide of the same type.

24 How to enter hyperlinks to your slide show Ribbon – Insert Hyperlink

25 How to insert action buttons to jump around your slide show Ribbon – Insert Action – NOTE: This must be done while an object is selected

26 How to publish your slideshow on your web page as a.pptx file and.html files Don’t think he’ll cover this on the quiz. But just in case – Office Save as – Select from drop down menu » Web Page – This saves as an html you can use to publish on website. Be sure to upload both the file folder and html » Power Point Presentation – This saves as a pptx you can up to website.

27 How to print your slides "6 per page Office button – Print Select hand outs – Select 6

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