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Working with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 8/6/2015 1.

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1 Working with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 8/6/2015 1

2 Some definitions … Ribbon Strip of buttons across the top of the window Replacement for the Menus and Toolbars No more digging around in the toolbars for a command Contextual Menus and Tabs Appear only when a particular object is selected Relevant only to the selected object Office Button and Quick Access toolbar The Round button at top left of the window The toolbar next to the Office button 8/6/2015 2

3 More definitions … Slide types or Slide Layouts Title Slide, Comparison Slide, Picture and caption Slide Slide Transition Visual movements as one slide makes way for the next slide Animation Controls the movement of the individual objects on a slide Design Themes A design template for the entire presentation Consistent fonts, colors and line and fill effects 8/6/2015 3

4 Slide Master or Master Slide Make changes to all your slides by making the change once on Master Slide Use the Slide Master View to edit the Slide Master View | Slide Master Create a slide master, save it as a PowerPoint Template (.potx) file, and use it to create other presentations. A single presentation can use more than one slide master 8/6/2015 4

5 View | Presentation Layout | Slide Master Different Slide Layouts for this Slide Master Use this Pane to Define the Selected Layout 8/6/2015 5

6 Design Themes A combination of Font, Colors and Line Style to be used through the presentation Similar to Design Templates in 2003 version Live Preview – see the changes before applying them Predefined Themes Change the Font, Color, lines for this theme 8/6/2015 6

7 Slide Transition When to move to next slide On Mouse click or after every x seconds Effects during transition to next slide Fade, dissolve, Cut etc 8/6/2015 7

8 Animations Applied to individual objects in a slide Some common animations are predefined Option to Customize Animation Tip: Make sure that Animations do not distort the slide print out Too much animation is annoying for the audience 8/6/2015 8

9 Custom Animation Series of Objects to be animated What sort of animation? Fade, move, etc. 8/6/2015 9

10 Smart Art Visual representations pre built for common purposes Lists, tables, organizational charts, etc After Inserting the Smart Art graphics use the Smart Art Tools to edit the contents 8/6/2015 10

11 Using Smart Art Go to Insert | SmartArt Text in Object or Text Pane 8/6/2015 11

12 Using Smart Art Inherits formatting from the Theme Individual Objects in Smart Art can be formatted independently. Shape, Font Size, outline, fill, etc. Animation friendly!! 8/6/2015 12

13 Pictures 8/6/2015 13 Use Clip Art or a Image from a file.

14 Formatting Pictures 8/6/2015 14 Use the Picture Tools|Format

15 New File Format *.pptx New XML based file formats Safer presentations Smaller File size Easier integration The new format cannot be opened in Office 2003 Convert to office 2003 format using “Save as …” Converting to office 2003 format might result in loss of editing for Smart Art objects Use “Convert” to convert from old to new format 8/6/2015 15

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