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English 10 2008-2009.

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1 English 10

2 Go to Library Computer lab tomorrow.
Extra Credit paper explaining three connections between Fahrenheit and Pleasantville is due next Monday, Nov. 3rd. Paper must be typed. Today: Follow the steps below to write the thesis statement for your motif short essay: Reread yesterday’s journal entry explaining why Bradbury uses the motif you’re tracing. Look at the three passages containing your motif. How does the motif in each passage connect to Bradbury’s purpose in writing this novel? Bradbury uses ______(motif) to______(purpose).

3 September 12, 2008 Please take out Vietnam Interviews!
Now, take out your BIG FAT BOOKS AND Prepare to act out “The Meeting”! Two more definitions of Magical Realism: When marvelous and impossible events occur in what otherwise purports to be a realistic narrative Combines incredible events with realistic details and relates them all in a matter-of-fact tone Destination 2008 Newsletters due Monday! Don’t forget to underline vocabulary words, emulate Bradbury’s style when describing your fearful encounter, and to quote from the patriotism essays in your final description of your return to America!

4 September 15, 2008 Please take out those fabulous Newsletters!
“Sound of Thunder: paragraphs returned. Journal: Describe the last vivid dream you can remember—either a recent dream or one that you remember clearly. Describe the dream with as much detail as you can remember. Please take out your handout with the poem “Bleeder” and the poem, “Anthony” on the back. While reading “Anthony” put an “x” next to lines that reveal his character.

5 September 16, 2008 So who needs Symbolism anyway?
You need it to write an original poem due next Monday, Sept. 22nd. We live in a visual world Poet’s and politicians use symbols We dream in symbols Today, let’s read a short story called “House taken Over” which is based on a dream and can be interpreted symbolically in several ways.

6 "You campaign in poetry, but you govern in prose
"You campaign in poetry, but you govern in prose." --Hillary Clinton, Nashua, N.H., Jan. 6. Poetry versus Prose

7 September 17, 2008 “House Taken Over” listening quiz—please take out your BIG FAT BOOKS and papers. Why is this story an example of “Magical Realism” or a combination of incredible events with realistic details, related in a matter-of-fact tone? Dream Poetry: “The Street” on page 558 What truth does this “dream” reveal? Original Poem due next Monday, Sept 22nd. Poems must be typed—add a title. Short Story test next Tuesday, Sept 23rd. Begin reviewing literary terms handout. Journal Response to “House Taken Over”

8 September 18, 2008 Journal Prompt: “Games People Play”
Describe in detail a game you played as a child—what does the game reveal about you as a person? Finish reading “Last Rung on the Ladder” by Monday, Sept. 22nd. As you read with pen in hand, identify important short story elements such as point of view, conflict, climax, methods of characterization, theme, etc. Be ready for a quiz on Monday. Short Story test is Tuesday, Sept 23rd. Begin studying your Literary Terms handout and reviewing major ideas about the stories we’ve read. Change of Date: Poems are due Wednesday, Sept 24th.

9 September 19, 2008 See Sept. 18th slide for due dates next week.
Today: How to turn personal journal responses into a Personal Narrative or Autobiographical Essay. How is the Personal Essay different from the truth/lie paragraphs? Get started with brainstorming packet Don’t forget to finish “Last Rung on the Ladder” for Monday. You will write a paragraph about it on your Short Story Test Tuesday.

10 September 22, 2008 Short Story Test tomorrow! Study Literary Terms definitions and review stories. Review how to structure a strong paragraph response Sympathy vs. Empathy Medal of Honor Memoribilia Today: Ten minutes to finish Mickey Mouse Paragraphs after completing quiz over “Last Rung on the Ladder.”

11 Happy Homecoming, Happy People!
Calendar: Read pages 3-32 in Fahrenheit by next Tuesday, Sept. 30th Library Media Computer Lab on Monday, Sept 29th to work on Personal Narrative Essay If you did not finish the Fahrenheit drawing you started yesterday, you may turn it in Monday. Today: Opening to Fahrenheit, and understanding satire

12 September 29, 2008 Remember to read pages 3-32 in Fahrenheit for tomorrow. Also review study questions. Today you will write a rough draft essay of your personal narrative essay in the computer lab. Please save your document to your folder on the server and start with the correct heading : Your Name English 10-1 Mrs. Ferrill September 29, 2008

13 September 30, 2008 Calendar: Read pages in Fahrenheit by Friday, October 3rd. Today: Complete book banning survey Begin completing Part 1 Chart for Fahrenheit Take Fahrenheit quiz Discuss book and Satire

14 October 1, 2008 Please copy the following terms in your notes:
Irony Absurdity Exaggeration or hyperbole Understatement Parody Word Play Euphemism Reminder: Read pages in Fahrenheit by Friday, October 3rd.


16 October 2, 2008 Reminder: Read pages in Fahrenheit by tomorrow, Friday, October 3rd. Note: If you did not like or do well on the first Fahrenheit quiz, you may type 10 questions of your own and substitute them for 10 questions on tomorrow’s quiz. DO NOT TYPE THE ANSWERS! Today: Please take out your notes on satirical devices. Today you have the opportunity to create your own satirical skit or piece of writing.

17 Happy Friday, Happy Sophomores!
Prepare for Fahrenheit quiz. You may use your study guide questions or your typed quiz questions, if you chose to create them. Submit your poems to a Creative Writing Contest and earn five points extra credit. Satirical group presentations begin Monday. Your only homework this weekend is to get caught up with Fahrenheit reading if you are behind and to prepare for Monday’s presentations.

18 October 6, 2008 Homework: Choose a motif from the yellow handout you receive today—find three pages from Part I of Fahrenheit that contain this motif—mark these pages by tomorrow. Also, finish reading Part I if you have not already done so. Now that we have finished reading Part I, complete the chart, pondering the meaning of the title. Today: We begin with satirical presentations. You will have five minutes to prepare!

19 October 7, 2008 Please answer questions 1-3 on the Reader’s Log #2 Handout. Opportunity to re-take “Scary Moments” quiz. Please take out a different colored writing utensil other than what you used on this quiz. Homework: Summarizing sections of Beatty’s speech to Montag explaining why firemen started burning books. Type or write in ink (double-spaced) a paragraph summarizing three important points Beatty makes about society on the page assigned. Begin with the topic sentence: Captain Beatty from Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 makes three important points concerning modern society.

20 Row 1: Summarize from page 54 (“When did it all start” to end of first paragraph on pg. 55.
Row 2: Top of page 55 (“Speed up the film”) to middle of 56 (“…like confetti or blood…”) Row 3: Top of page 57 (“More sports for everyone”) to end of first paragraph on pg. 58. Row 4: Page 58 (“Ah’ Beatty leaned forward”) to end of top paragraph on page 59. Row 5: Middle of page 59 (“You must understand”) to end of top paragraph on pg. 60. Row 6: Top of page 61 (“If you don’t want a man unhappy politically”) to bottom of pg. 61 (“I just like solid entertainment.”

21 October 9, 2008 Fahrenheit Plot Line
Reading for tomorrow: Complete cartoon captions. Today: Short Story Test Paragraphs returned—discussed Captain Beatty summary papers returned—discussed

22 Happy Friday, Happy People!
Please pass forward your take-home quiz over pages of Fahrenheit 451. Please take out your Fahrenheit books, your “Sieve and Sand” chart over Part II, and the rough drafts of your personal essays you worked on yesterday. Today: Writing the conclusion of your personal essay Calendar: Typed paper due Tuesday, Oct 14th Connections between Beatty’s world and our society today Calendar: By Monday bring to class a magazine or newspaper article which connects to Fahrenheit. Write three sentences explaining connection.

23 October 13, 2008 Personal Narrative Papers Due Date
Please take out homework: Fahrenheit 451 connection to Newspaper/magazine clipping On handout you receive today, match cartoons with passages from Fahrenheit. A chance to earn points with a boring study question sheet since most of you did not like the creative cartoon captions quiz. By Wednesday, Oct 15th, finish reading Part II in Fahrenheit and complete the take-home quiz (another boring one).

24 October 21, 2008 Thank you! Personal Narrative Essays due tomorrow
Motif cluster and vignette due Thursday—also continue reading Fahrenheit and looking for pages that contain your motif word. By Friday, Oct. 24th read to the middle of page 125 in Fahrenheit. This section describes Beatty’s death. What textual evidence exists in this section that suggests Captain Beatty wanted to die? Also complete one of the writing prompt options from the handout you receive today.

25 October 22, 2008 Please take out those wonderful personal narrative essays! I will pass around the magic stapler— Journal: What do you dislike most about Fahrenheit 451 so far? Explain. What do you like the most? Explain. Even if you dislike the novel, what do you find the most interesting? (a character, a conflict, an idea, a symbol or motif). If you could ask Ray Bradbury a question about this novel, what would you ask? How do you think this novel will end?

26 Reminders: Motif cluster/vignette due tomorrow.
By Friday, Oct. 24th read to the middle of page 125 in Fahrenheit. This section describes Beatty’s death. What textual evidence exists in this section that suggests Captain Beatty wanted to die? Also complete one of the writing prompt options from the handout you received yesterday. As you continue reading, please look for three more passages that contain your motif.

27 October 23, 2008 By tomorrow, read to page 125 in Fahrenheit and type one writing prompt response. Please take out motif cluster/vignette and “Dover Beach.” Today: If you work hard for 25 minutes, we will watch Pleasantville the last 30 minutes of class. Symbolism of rain/thunder/lightening Biblical allusion

28 Happy Friday, Happy People
Finish reading Fahrenheit by next Wednesday, October 29th. Complete the title chart and comparison chart showing differences between Faber and Granger. Monday we go to the C22 computer lab to finish Fahrenheit collages due Tues., Oct. 28th. On Monday you will also begin working on your motif short essay, so bring your motif chart completed with three quotations and your Fahrenheit books.

29 Today in Computer Lab: First, complete your Fahrenheit collage following the directions on the letter you received last Monday. Second, begin work on your motif short essay. Take out your motif chart, books, and the pink handout you received Friday. Begin with a correct heading and then type your introductory paragraph. Next, start your body paragraph using your motif chart. Finally: Finish reading Fahrenheit by Wednesday, October 29th and expect a quiz!

30 October 28, 2009 Please take out your Fahrenheit collages, blue “Dover Beach” poem and pink motif essay packet. Journal: What is the best book you have ever read? What features made it so good? Today: “Dover Beach” and your motif essay Tomorrow: Finish reading Fahrenheit 451. Extra Credit Option: Write a paper making three connections between Pleasantville and Fahrenheit. Explain each connection with specific examples from each. Due: Mon, Nov 3rd.

31 October 29, 2008 Journal: How does your motif fit in with the ending of this book? What does your motif add to the story? What happens if your motif is not emphasized throughout Bradbury’s novel? Why is your motif important to discuss? Please take out pink motif packet and motif chart. Fahrenheit quiz “Ecclesiastes.”

32 Happy Halloween! Extra Credit Papers due Monday—no exceptions!
Today: Work on Brochure or Motif Essay! Brochure due Friday, Nov. 7th. Essay due Tuesday, Nov. 11th.

33 November 3, 2008 Please take out the salmon-colored handout I gave you in the computer lab last Friday. Journal: Last week several of you said you didn’t like the ending of Fahrenheit On a separate sheet of paper, respond to the following prompt: Was the ending of the novel optimistic (hopeful) or pessimistic (gloomy)? Explain your response with at least two specific reasons. Use journal responses to help write your motif essay!

34 Election Day, 2008 For tomorrow, bring two magazines and one newspaper. Also bring your own scissors, glue stick, and markers if you have your own material! Don’t forget to bring an independent study novel to class on Thursday. Brochures due Friday! Today: American Dream Worksheet Of Mice and Men introduction and book check-out. Write your name and my name in the book, and sign the check-out sheet when it comes around.

35 November 5, 2008 Please place your magazines, newspaper, and materials on your desk. Take out your blue, “American Dream” worksheet. Also take out your Of Mice and Men book. Tomorrow: Bring Independent Study book to class. Friday: Fahrenheit brochures are due Tuesday: Motif essays are due.

36 November 6, 2008 Please place independent study novel and Of Mice and Men novel on your desk! Complete independent study initial questions. Present American Dream Collages Tomorrow, brochures are due. Final Questions? Also finish reading chapter 1 of Of Mice and Men if you have not already done so? Can you find three examples of foreshadowing?

37 Happy Friday, Happy People!
Please take out those wonderful brochures! Also take out Of Mice and Men Reminder: Monday go to the Library computer lab to finish motif essays Today: Read chapter 2 in Of Mice and Men and complete character chart Calendar: Corrections/revisions over Personal essays due next Thursday, November 13th.

38 November 11, 2008 Today: Please take out Of Mice and Men books as well as your character charts. Handout: Steinbeck’s Themes, structure, style Calendar: Tomorrow: Bring Independent study novel to class. Corrections/revisions over Personal essays due Thursday, November 13th. Motif Essays due Friday, November 14th. (Date Change)

39 November 13, 2008 Do you have your Of Mice and Men movie ticket?
Journal: Complex, ambiguous characters We often meet characters in literature that seem complex , confusing, or hard to figure out. This character may even seem contradictory. Choose a character from Of Mice and Men that fits this description, and explain your choice. Corrections/Revisions of Personal Essays due today. Please take out your papers! Motif Essays due tomorrow, Friday, November 14th. Remember to reread your essay out loud and edit your work carefully!

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