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How to Iron a Dress Shirt Face it…you cant always ask your mom…

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1 How to Iron a Dress Shirt Face it…you cant always ask your mom…

2 Get an Iron and Ironing Board Fill an iron with distilled water (sold in bottles at the grocery store), especially if you plan on using the steam setting (almost always recommended, especially for novices, as you are less likely to burn fabrics with the addition of mist and steam).

3 Set the Temperature Set the iron to the temperature recommended on the care tag. 100% cotton and linen will need a high setting; cotton blends call for medium heat; and polyester, rayon, nylon, silk, acetate and acrylic, will all need a low heat setting. If you are unsure about the setting, be safe and use a cool iron.

4 Unbutton the shirt and unfold the collar. Use a spray bottle filled with water to dampen cotton shirts (and only cotton shirts).

5 Start with the Collar Iron the backside of the collar first, then the topside.

6 Next do the cuffs Unbutton the cuffs and iron the inside, then the outside.

7 The Sleeves Iron sleeves by sliding the sleeve over the point of the ironing board. Only the top of the sleeve will fit. Rotate the sleeve around until all sides have been pressed.

8 For the remainder of the sleeve, place it flatly on the ironing board, making sure that both the top and bottom layers are straight and smooth. Gently iron the sleeve without ironing a crease into the edges. Flip the sleeve and repeat

9 The front of the shirt Lay one side of the shirts front on the ironing board, gently stretching the cloth flat against the board. Move the iron smoothly, at a medium speed, over the cloth. Never let the iron stop moving--it will leave a burn mark.

10 As you move the iron, make sure the fabric stays flat so you dont accidentally iron a wrinkle into your shirt. If you do, spray it down and re- iron it. Repeat for the back of the shirt and the opposite side. Make sure to iron around the buttons, not on top of them.

11 Finishing Touches Always iron all parts of a shirt, even though a coat and tie will cover certain areas. Hang up your shirts immediately after ironing to keep them wrinkle free. Button the top and center buttons.

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