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Presented by: Sana’a AL-Sulami Teacher assistant Nursing department.

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1 Presented by: Sana’a AL-Sulami Teacher assistant Nursing department

2 Outline Purposes Equipment Assessment Planning Implementation of Donning Sterile Gloves Implementation of wearing gowning, and closed gloves. Evaluation and documentation

3 Objectives: The student maintains a safe environment to prevent hazardous situations. The student is expected to comply with standard precautions.

4 Purposes: To enable the nurse to handle or touch sterile objects freely without contaminating them. To prevent transmission of potentially infective organisms from the nurse’s hands to clients at high risk for infection.

5 Assessment Review the client’s record and orders to determine exactly what procedure will be performed that requires sterile gowning and gloves. Check the client record and ask about latex allergies.

6 Planning Think through the procedure planning which steps need to be completed before the gown and gloves can be applied. Determine what additional supplies are needed to perform the procedure for this client. Always have an extra pair of sterile gloves available.

7 Equipment: Packages of Sterile Gloves.

8 Implementation Open Donning 1 Pick up the cuff of the fight glove with your left hand. Slide your right hand into the glove until you have a snug fit over the thumb joint and knuckles. Your bare left hand should only touch the folded cuff - the rest of the glove remains sterile.

9 Cont, 2.Slide your right fingertips into the folded cuff of the left glove. Pull out the glove and fit your right hand into it. 3. Unfold the cuffs down over your gown sleeves. Make sure your gloved fingertips do not touch your bare forearms or wrists.

10 Gowning Equipment:  Sterile pack containing a sterile gown.  Sterile gloves. Preparation :  Ensure the sterility of the package of gloves. Performance: 1. Explain to the client what you are going to do. 2. Observe other appropriate infection control procedures. 3. Provide for the client privacy.

11 Donning a Sterile Gown 4. Open the package of sterile gloves. 5. Unwrap the sterile gown pack. 6. Wash and dry hands carefully. 7. Put on sterile gown : 1. Grasp the sterile gown at the crease near the neck, hold it away from you, and permit it to unfold freely without touching anything. 2. Put the hands inside the shoulders of the gown, and works the arms partway into the sleeves without touching the outside of the gown.


13 Donning a Sterile Gown 3. If donning sterile gloves by using the closed, method work the hands down the sleeves only to proximal edge of the cuffs. 4. If donning sterile gloves by using the open method, work the hands down the sleeves and through the cuffs. 5. Have a coworker grasp the neck ties without touching the outside of the gown and pull the gown upward to cover the neck line of your uniforms in front or back.

14 Donning Closed Gloves 1. Peel open the outer pack from the corners. The inner pack is sterile. Gripping it through your gown, open it to display the gloves. 2. With your gown covering your fingers, use your right hand to remove the left glove. Hold your left hand palm up, fingers straight. Lay the glove on your left wrist, and grip the cuff with your left thumb.

15 Cont, 3. Place your right thumb inside the top cuff edge. Make a fist with your right hand and stretch the glove over your left fingertips. 4. Keeping your left fingers straight, pull down the glove.

16 Cont, 5. Repeat the above procedure to don the other glove, that is: use your gloved left hand to lay the right glove on your right wrist. Slide your left thumb inside the top of the cuff, make a fist, and stretch the cuff over your right fingertips. Pull down the sleeve and glove together.

17 Completion of Gowning: Have a co-worker hold the waist tie of your gown, using the sterile gloves, or a sterile forceps or drapes. This approaches keeps the ties sterile. Make the tie and secure it in front of the gown. Have a coworker take the two ties at each side of the gown and tie them at the back of the gown

18 Removing Gloves 1. Take hold of the first glove at the wrist. 2. Fold it over and peel it back, turning it inside out as it goes. Once the glove is off, hold it with your gloved hand.

19 Cont, 3. To remove the other glove, place your bare fingers inside the cuff without touching the glove exterior. Peel the glove off from the inside, turning it inside out as it goes. Use it to envelope the other glove.

20 Evaluation Conduct any follow-up indicated during your care of the client. Ensure that adequate numbers and types of sterile supplies are available for the next health care provider. Documentation: Document that sterile technique was used in the performance of the procedure.

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