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Laundry Etiquette 101. Dont Take Up All The Machines.

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1 Laundry Etiquette 101

2 Dont Take Up All The Machines

3 There are other people who need to get their laundry done, and its very frustrating (and rude) when someone uses up every available machine. Divide your laundry and do it in shifts.

4 Be Considerate: Be There When the Cycle is Finished

5 Its very easy to get caught up in another task while you wait for your laundry to finish being washed, but keep track of the time. You should try to be back to the washing machine at least a couple minutes before the cycle has finished. (SET YOUR ALARM ON YOUR PHONE) Not only does this speed up the process so that other people can use the machine, but it also prevents the risk of your clothes being stolen.

6 Dont Remove Other Peoples Clothes

7 It is extremely rude to remove someone elses clothes from a machine. This is especially true with the dryer, as if someones clothes are still damp. Also, you put the other persons belongings at risk of being stolen when you leave them out in the open.

8 Clean Out the Lint Trap

9 Clean up after yourself. Clean out the lint trap in the dryer, make sure that Bounce sheet finds the garbage, pick up the little pieces of paper that didnt survive the washing process, etc.

10 Grease and Grime

11 If you have clothes that are really filthy, whether covered with grease or with a terrible odor, dont just throw them into the machine. Try hand washing first, taking the clothes to the dry cleaners, or take the laundry to some other professional. If you throw the filthy clothes into the public machines, other peoples clothes can come out stained or smelling terrible.

12 Beware of Bleach

13 Bleach can be a great thing, but use it cautiously. You dont want to use so much bleach that it isnt able to cycle through the machine properly, and you dont want to spill it. Other people will be very upset if that beautiful navy blue shirt comes out purple.

14 If You Find A Sock That Isnt Yours…

15 Leave it on the laundry table. Dont throw it in the garbage. The person who lost the sock may come back and look for it. Wouldnt you be happy if you saw that a considerate person had left it for you to find?

16 Dont Ogle Someones Underwear

17 Its very uncomfortable for someone to fold his/her laundry if someone is standing there eyeballing the underwear.

18 Report Theft

19 If you see someone stealing someone elses basket or clothes, report it! How would you feel if someone stole your items and the one and only person who saw it happen didnt say anything?

20 Do NOT Let Your Friends Use The Laundry Room

21 The laundry room is for Residents ONLY.

22 This bulletin board was published by Paul Giglio and Kim Gibson of The College at Brockport, SUNY. Information from this cite was highly copied from Gomestic ( living/laundry-room-etiquette/) living/laundry-room-etiquette/

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