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Hospitality Services and Hotel Management

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1 Hospitality Services and Hotel Management
Laundry Hospitality Services and Hotel Management

2 Making the Bed Demonstrate to the students how to make a bed.
Each student will make the bed and do the turndown service.

3 Folding Sheets

4 Laundry The laundry department is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of all linens. The staff includes the laundry supervisor, laundry attendants, and seamsters.

5 Laundry supervisors- supervises the attendants and seamsters
Laundry supervisors- supervises the attendants and seamsters. The supervisor is also responsible for keeping track of all linens and replacing linens when necessary. The laundry attendants perform all the tasks involved in washing laundry. The seamsters repairs worn or torn linens. Seamsters used to be called seamstresses.

6 Washing Laundry Tasks include washing laundry, care of linens, and inventory of linens Washing laundry includes five steps: sorting, washing, drying, folding, and storing. The purpose of washing laundry is to make it clean, sanitary, and attractive.

7 Sorting Before laundry can be washed, it must be sorted.
Sorters should separate laundry into these piles: regular, damp, stained, and torn or damaged. Damp linens are washed as soon as possible to prevent the formation of mildew.

8 Pre-Treating Stains Linens that are stained or very dirty should be treated with a stain remover as soon as possible. There are three basic treatment methods: Soaking in a stain removal solution Applying a detergent paste to the stain Using special treatment methods listed on a stain removal chart

9 Repair of Linens Torn or damaged linens need to be repaired before they are washed. Linens that cannot be repaired must be discarded and deleted from inventory. Repairing linens is also called mending. Seamsters repair the linens, drapes, curtains, and other linen products for the hotel.

10 Washing and Drying Hot water and sanitizing solutions are used in the washing machine for both cleaning and killing pathogens. Laundry must be thoroughly dried before folding. Laundry is dried in the dryer. Pathogens often thrive in the dryer’s lint trap. The lint trap must be regularly cleaned with a sanitizing solution.

11 Folding and Storing After linens are dried, they must be ironed and folded. Flatwork presses and flatwork irons are used to iron sheets. Some hotels have machines that automatically fold sheets.

12 Care for Linens New linens are expensive; therefore, efforts are made to make the linens last. Linens should last at least three years before they need to be repaired. Linens last longer when they are handled carefully and washed properly.

13 Inventory of Linens The linen room is where clean linens are stored.
The Linen Room Supervisor or the Executive Housekeeper is responsible for the linen inventory.

14 PAR stock Ideally, the hotel should have five times the daily amount of laundry used. Most hotels have three or four times the daily amount. Four reasons linens need to be replaced: normal wear and tear improper uses losses in the laundry theft

15 PAR stock The quality of linens will help determine how long they will last. The PMS can be used to keep the linen inventory records. The linen room must be locked. Items cannot be taken without a requisition form that is approved by the supervisor. Twice a year count should be made of every linen item in stock.

16 Folding Towels the hotel way

17 Animal Towels, the fun way!

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