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Guidelines to help you look your best! Nancy Bodman June 2007.

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1 Guidelines to help you look your best! Nancy Bodman June 2007

2 We all like to look our best. At college At home

3 Your clothing needs to be clean and neat So you’ll need to do your laundry!

4 Mistakes could be disappointing And expensive.

5 Doing your wash is as easy as… 3. 2. 1.

6 As you learn the rules Remember You’ll do many of these steps at the same time. Laundry is not hard to do!


8 Ready Rule #1 READ THE LABEL Machine Wash? Water Temperature? Bleach? Drying? Ironing? What should you do?

9 Ready Rule #2 SORT CAREFULLY Sort by: Colors Fabrics Surface Texture Construction Degree of Soil

10 Ready Rule #3 PREPARE Mend holes before laundering. Empty pockets. Shake out loose dirt. Close zippers, hooks and eyes.

11 Ready Rule #4 CHECK FOR STAINS Pre-soak. Refer to a stain removal chart. Pre-treat stains.


13 Wash Rule #1 SELECT DETERGENT (Check container for amount to use) Granular detergents Liquid detergents High efficiency detergents

14 Wash Rule #2 DECIDE ABOUT BLEACH Non-Chlorine Bleach Chlorine Bleach (Always dilute!)

15 Wash Rule #3 CONSIDER FABRIC SOFTENER Dryer-Added Rinse-Added What does it do? Softens fabricSoftens fabric Reduces staticReduces static Reduces wrinklesReduces wrinkles Smells goodSmells good

16 Wash Rule #4 LOAD CAREFULLY ~Load loosely with dry, unfolded clothes. ~Make up the load with items of different sizes.


18 Wash Rule #6 PICK A WASH CYCLE Regular, Cotton/Sturdy, and Whites Easy Care/Permanent Press Delicates and Handwashables


20 Drying Rule #1 PICK A METHOD MACHINE DRY - Regular cycle Easy Care/Permanent Press, Wrinkle Free Air Fluff AIR DRY – Hang your clothes on the line.

21 Drying Rule #2 FABRIC SOFTENER (Only if you didn’t use it in the washer!) Use one sheet per dryer load.

22 Drying Tips Dryer drying “no-iron” clothing helps minimize wrinkling. Remove items from the dryer as soon as the cycle is complete. One washer load = one dryer load! Do not overdry fabrics.

23 TO KEEP CLOTHING LOOKING GOOD… Fold it! Hang it up! Iron it!

24 PUT IT AWAY! And you’re not finished until you


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