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Ways that You Can Conserve on Environmental Resources.

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1 Ways that You Can Conserve on Environmental Resources

2 Condition Yourself, Not Your Air One of the most eco-friendly things you can do as a student is to give up air conditioning. The trouble is, there are millions of students all over the world, which means the potential for hundreds of thousands of energy-sucking AC units is there. Instead of AC, why not try opening a window, turning on a fan, taking a cold shower before bed, or studying outside. Of course, if you have to have AC for allergies or some other reason, be sure to use the device as indicated by your physician.

3 Those Lights, Theyre So Bright! Are you sure that your 120 kw light bulb is really necessary? Ask your roommate that question at 3:00 am and I think that youll receive the correct answer. The next time that youre shopping for those glass trinkets of our life consider a lower wattage and maybe spring the couple of extra bucks on a LED or compact florescent bulb.

4 Does that Laptop Really Need to Be On? How many of us when were bored or tired turn on our electronic sidekicks for temporary relief from the routine that can be our daily lives? Think about how much energy it takes to run those modern marvels and youll see that you would be doing woody the woodchuck more of a favor by reading a book then checking out facebook.

5 So, You Dont Know Him…But He Loves Your Favorite Team! Isnt this picture a statement of our age; four groups of football fans in four separate rooms on two different floors cheering in unison as their favorite team scores another touchdown. Wait, we have a TV in the Lounge that is guaranteed to be bigger than yours! Consider everyone going down to the lounge together to watch the game. Make a new friend. Everyone scores when you save energy by turning off everything else in your room.

6 Who Knew that I Could Make a Hobby Out of Trash? Ok, maybe this one isnt for all of us, but if you have a passion for crafts or are an education major looking for a student activity, then your floor mate's discarded items may be the way to go. Ask around or send our an e-mail about how you want to garner as many excess shampoo, conditioner, and gel bottles as possible to paint, glitter, fill with sand, or otherwise have fun with!

7 Theyre 99 Cents and Ohh, So Fashionable Obsessed with purchasing sports bottles or water bottles from the cafeteria? Do you know how much plastic you use in a year that way and how much energy it takes to produce that plastic? Find a dollar store, spend the dollar to find a durable, plastic model (or find an event in which theyre given out for free) and live the high life on tap water (with a Brita or other domestic filtration system, if your prefer).

8 Woooo There, Mister, Those Jeans Are Far too Bounty Soft Now really, how soft do your cloths have to be in order for you to feel comfortable in them? Do you really have to use fabric softener in every load or will every other load suffice? Would you feel comfortable without any type of softener at all? Think about that one when youre in the middle of class and those sweatpants are so soft that all you can think about is sleeeeppp……..

9 Those Old Copybooks are Good for More than Your Early Artistic Feats! For those of us who have anything to do with mathematics or the physical sciences, we recognize that knowing an equation or understanding a concept typically involves doing plenty of examples. For those assignments that may not need to be handed in, the back of an old copybook is just as good of a place to use as the front of a new homework book. Just remember where you put everything when you go to study.

10 When Everyone Doesnt Appreciate New Age Polka (Those Barbarians!) Everyone has different tastes that may not coincide very well. In order to avoid fights about which is better, the lyrics of Mr. Jay Im-Not-Sure-Which- Way-Is-Up-So-My-Paints-Are-Taking-the-Buddhist- Approved-Middle-Route or the sounds of another pop group whose name seems like a random permutation of letters (Im not judging), keep a pair of earphones handy to plug in and avoid making those sweet tunes into wasted heat and excess sound energy.

11 You Know, Jimmy Was Right For how badly Jimmy Carter may have lost the 1980 presidential election, he was right when he suggested that people put on a sweater to save money on their heating bill. For those of us who dont believe that our energy consumption has a direct effect upon our room fee, then consider the fact that many of the top hedge funds and other trading firms on wall street keep their trading floors at 70°F or lower to keep their employees alert. You also want to be alert when doing your homework or studying for that test. I think that we have a mutually beneficial situation here.

12 This Bulletin Board Was Created by John Tomaselli, Resident Assistant, Seton Hall University For public use and display at any time. Earth Day is in April. Please consult with your supervisor if some of the jokes seem inappropriate for your particular collegiate environment. Be creative and add festive shrubbery.

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