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Unit 15 We are trying to save the manatees!

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1 Unit 15 We are trying to save the manatees!
The First Period Section A

2 Let’s go to the zoo.

3 What animals can you see in the zoo?

4 zoo cheetah bear elephant spotted fast aggressive Name Food
Description gray gentle enormous furry brown aggressive bear elephant

5 zoo tiger panda chimpanzee aggressive fast Name Food Description
gentle furry white and black playful Furry noisy panda chimpanzee

6 Listen and complete the chart.
Kind of animal manatee Numbers Habitat Reason why they are endangered Description 2500 the water under the trees in mangrove swamps. *swamps being polluted. * not enough food. *10 feet long, *1000 pounds heavy

7 Pairwork Where have you been What did you see Why
B: I’ve just been to the natural museum. A: 2___________________________________? B: We saw a lot of endangered animals, like manatees, pandas, chimpanzees (黑猩猩)and so on. A: 4__________________? B: Because people have done something bad to them and they’re dying out. A: That’s a really bad thing. But 5_____________________________? B: Yes, I think we can do something to help. We can tell people how important these animals are. A: I agree with you. What did you see Why can we do something to help

8 3a and 3b Reading Fill in the chart. Zoos are terrible places
Zoos are important places * Animals are kept in tiny cages Zoos are living textbook. Animals can hardly move at all Zoos provide homes for endangered animals. Educate people about caring for them. Animals are only given food once a day.

9 Debate Zoos are bad for animals Zoos are good for animals *
I think… I believe that… I feel that… I agree with you. I disagree with you.

10 parents’ burden becomes heavy.
Debate Task 1 Advantages for students’ mobile phone Disadvantages for students’ mobile phone * keep in touch with parents,friends conveniently and quickly. spend too much money get help in time when get in trouble parents’ burden becomes heavy.

11 Task 2 Fill in the blanks according to the main ideas.
My favorite animals are pandas. I like them very much because they are gentle and shy. They are also 1________to people. And they look funny, too. Their eyes are the most interesting part. The black circles around their 2_____ make them look like they are wearing glasses or have just been in a fight. Their favorite food is bamboo 3______. They don’t like to move around very much. But now pandas are endangered .For one thing, people have destroyed many of their habits. For another, they don’t have 4______ food to eat. We must think of ways to 5_______ them. I think we should build more panda zoos and plant more bamboo for them. I hope everyone can do something for animals, so that we can keep our world rich and colorful and full of interesting animals. friendly eyes leaves enough protect

12 Homework * Try to find more endangered animals in the world and write a short passage about how to save them or protect them.

13 The Second Period Section B

14 The world's problems Pollution Endangered animals Natural disasters

15 Talking How to save the planet? Check easy (E) or difficult (D).
____* stop riding in cars. ___* recycle books and paper. ____* turn off the lights when you leave the room. ____* refuse to use the plastic bags. ____* don’t put the waste water into the river. ____* plant more trees and glass. ____*…. D E A: Recycling books and paper is really easy. B: I agree. But it’s difficult to stop riding in cars. A: Recycling books and paper is really easy. B: I agree. But it’s difficult to stop riding in cars. A: Recycling books and paper is really easy. B: I agree. But it’s difficult to stop riding in cars.

16 Listen talk about. Check the things. to what Julia and Jack
Things Julia and Jack talk about Things Julia is doing now Things Julia will do in the future Things Julia would never do ___ turning off the light ___ turning off the shower ___ stopping using paper napkins ___ taking your own bags when shopping. ___ not riding in cars ___ riding a bike ___ recycling paper

17 Reading 3a House parts Things made from The walls The fence The roof
* Fill in the chart. House parts Things made from The walls The fence The roof old glass bottles used soda cans discarded tiles * Answer the questions. Who is Amy Winterbourne? 2. Did she win an award? What’s it? 3. What does she do in her spare time?

18 ______________________________________
Look at the pictures and finish the article . Use the phrases “made from” and “used to be”. Writing Joe Winterbourne loves the clothes his mother made for him. At school, everyone calls him Mr. Recycle. His hat is made from_______________ ______________________________________ the bottom of the petrol drum. His bag comes from red trousers which is too short for him. His beautiful scarf used to be the carpet in his house.

19 Task 1 Please write something about how to recycle these things

20 Read the article and choose (T) or (F).
Task 2    Every day, we throw much rubbish. Where does the rubbish go? We bury most of it in a land fill(垃圾填埋场), but the landfills in many cities in the U.S. are almost filled. Many of the old landfills have poisons that can make water and soil (土壤) around them dangerous to your health. What can we do to help? Follow the three R’s: REUSE, REFUSE, and RECYCLE.  REUSE You don’t need new bags every time you go to the store Reuse the old ones---and you had better use cloth bags, not plastic ones.  REFUSE Stop buying anything that is over –packaged. Also look for products  that come in boxes made of recycled cardboard(硬纸板).  RECYCLE People can use cans, newspapers and plastic bottles again. So don’t throw them away. Send them to the recycling center. ( )If we go shopping we needn’t take any bags because there are enough plastic bags. ( ) “Ruse” means”use old bags again”. ( ) “Refuse” means “don’t buy products that comes in boxes made of new cardboard”. ( ) “Recycle” means “collect cans,newspapers and plastic bottles and use them again”. F T F F

21 Homework Can you see what these things are made from? Try to think out more ways to recycle these things?

22 Thank you !

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