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University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

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1 University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Melody Clark, B.A. Jesie Steffes, B.A. University Counseling Center

2 Successful Student Professor Relationships
How to make the most of your interactions with professors

3 What We’ll Discuss Communication Absence Email etiquette Technology
Resources How to Deal Effective Communication Strategies

4 Communication Your professors are people too… don’t be afraid to talk to them: Introduce yourself Ask questions , in and outside of class Utilize office hours. (they didn’t reserve that time to bid on eBay items, its there for YOU!) *etiquette in office hours Bad communication (eg. talking in class)

5 If you Have to Miss Class….
your professor about your absence early, they will appreciate the notice. Don’t “cry wolf”. Save your allowed absences for when you really need them. Don’t ask “Will I miss anything?” or “Is there something important we are going to talk about?” (Chances are, you WILL miss something and your professor's intent is to present something IMPORTANT.) Remember, things can change and you want to be in class to be aware of changes to the syllabus and schedule.

6 While We’re at It… Emailing:
Have a reasonable-sounding address, at least for communicating professionally. is not professional, and might give your professor the wrong impression.) Sound professional in your communication (using “txt shrthnd” is not appropriate. Address your professors by their proper title. (If they worked for their PhD, they would appreciate being called “Dr.” If your professor doesn’t you back immediately, it can mean two things, he/she is busy or has other students to reply back to. It doesn't mean they’re ignoring you.

7 Technology Don’t sit in class and surf the internet on your phone, laptop, etc. If you insist on needing to surf the internet….sit in the back. It sends a pretty clear signal to your professors and classmates, that you’re not interested in being there. Do not send Facebook friend requests to your professors. Just DON’T. Devices you can should use in class

8 Resources Consult your syllabus for each class. This will give you deadlines, address, and information about the requirements of each professor (ie. APA style, MLA format,etc.) Extra Credit! Additional reading suggested in class. This can SAVE your grade. The UCCS website. Look for the Excel Centers, one in each department, as well as first-year experience.

9 On Campus Resources Students at the University of Colorado have a network of five Project Excel Learning Centers available to help them succeed and excel in every aspect of their academic careers. Excel Centers

10 How to Deal Read reviews about the professors of your classes before you sign up. On the flip side, at the end of your classes, be honest on your FCQ reviews, so that your classmates are in the loop too. Talk to your professors if you find yourself in a less-than favorable interaction. Don’t argue with a grade you have been given on an assignment. Just prove yourself the next time. Don’t bad-mouth your professors, no matter what the situation has been.

11 Don’t Say This, Say That Don’t Say This…
“I don’t agree with that at all!” “What did you just say?” “This doesn’t make any sense to me! I don’t get it.” Say This… “Professor Johnson, I seem to see this a little differently, can we discuss it?” (RAISE YOUR HAND) “Can you repeat that please?” “I’m having trouble understanding this concept, can you explain it in a different way?”

12 Continued “What do you suggest I do to be successful in your class?” “I’m not getting the kind of grades I know I’m capable of in your class, if you don’t mind telling me, what am I doing wrong?” “What do I have to do to get an “A” in here?” “I don’t get bad grades. So, I don’t understand why I am getting this grade in this class.”

13 Stay Positive! Your college experience can be one of the most enjoyable times in your life, its all about what you make it.

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