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Save Money and the Environment!

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1 Save Money and the Environment!
Use these easy tips to “go green” without sacrificing your life-style or money

2 Shopping Buy items in the largest size you can to avoid excess packaging $$$ Buying larger sized often costs less per ounce. Buy rechargeable batteries to avoid throwing away batteries and packaging $$$ You'll only have to buy a few packages of batteries over several years using rechargeables Bring your own bags to the grocery store $$$ Many stores will give you a credit on your bill for using a reusable bag

3 Around the House Unplug chargers when not in use. They use almost the same amount of energy whether something is charging or not $$$ Less energy used equals lower bills (or less of a tuition hike next year) Drink tap water, seriously, there's nothing wrong with it! $$$ Average savings by not buying bottled water... $500 a year. That's a semester's worth of text books!

4 Out and About “Just say no” to paper receipts at the ATM and at gas stations, etc If everyone said no to these receipts, the paper saved would circle the earth 15 times Carpool! Reduces emissions and makes the trip more fun for all $$$ If you're driving, get some gas money from your passengers Take a travel mug to the cafeteria for drinks to go Even though the to-go cups are paper, the lids are plastic, which sits in landfills for thousands of years

5 Laundry Using a clothes dryer costs about $0.35 a load... Air drying costs nothing $$$ Save yourself up to $85 a year by line drying clothes. Wash clothes in cold water, it saves the cost of heating water, and clothes are just as clean One years' worth wash with hot water = $90 One years' worth wash with cold water = $8





10 Submitted by Liz Bukvich, Resident Assisstant, University of New England
“This bulletin board is about saving the environment while saving money.  It is aimed at people who don't want to make big life style changes but want to do their part in taking care of the planet.  I also tried to use some little- thought-about topics because we all know already we should recycle and turn off the lights when not in use.” Liz B

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