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IT Week Report Middle School Project Toshihiko SHIMOKAWA Kyushu Sangyo University.

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1 IT Week Report Middle School Project Toshihiko SHIMOKAWA Kyushu Sangyo University

2 Feb. 27, 2003Middle School Project2 Outline Overview System Results To Do

3 Feb. 27, 2003Middle School Project3 Overview Japanese Junior High School students made cultural exchange with Korean People via KJCN Researcher's view point Demonstration by young people s activity Teacher s view point International culture exchange class using advanced IT facilities

4 Feb. 27, 2003Middle School Project4 Schedule Date: 15 Feb. 2003 14:00~15:30 Place: JP: Kyushu Sangyo University KR: Pusan National University Participants: JP: 12 GENKAI Junior High School students, 10 teachers KR: 10 PNU students, 1 professor

5 Feb. 27, 2003Middle School Project5 Contents of Cultural Exchange Program 1. Introduction of Genkai island 2. Introduction of Class room of Genkai JHS 3. Introduction of Lunch time of Genkai JHS 4. Introduction of Robocup2002 5. Q & A : food, clothing and shelter 6. Introduction of Homepage of Genkai JHS 1~4: DVTS & Virtual Lecture 5: DVTS & Translation Chat 6: DVTS & Virtual Lecture

6 Feb. 27, 2003Middle School Project6 Systems 1. DVTS High quality video conference system 2. Virtual Lecture Remote education system Used as Remote Presentation tool 3. Translation Chat Chat system with Automatic translation function between Korean language and Japanese language

7 Feb. 27, 2003Middle School Project7 Network

8 Feb. 27, 2003Middle School Project8 Problems Coordination Prof. JT Lee and I are not the person concerned. So, we cannot decide something. DVTS Performance Long RTT of PNU KSU: 70ms PNU has own AS. So, we have to modify routing configuration. RTT became 10ms Bandwidth: 7Mbps

9 Feb. 27, 2003Middle School Project9 Cause of Bandwidth problem

10 Feb. 27, 2003Middle School Project10 Results DVTS have very good quality KJCN is very fine No delay, no noise between PNU and KSU Virtual Lecture works fine Automatic Translation have to improve Translation quality Delay Cultural exchange class was successful Appeared on 2 newspapers

11 Feb. 27, 2003Middle School Project11 Photographs KSU DVTS ScreenVirtual Lecture Translation ChatPNU

12 Feb. 27, 2003Middle School Project12 Newspaper

13 Feb. 27, 2003Middle School Project13 ToDo Improve System Translation System Integration: DVTS, Virtual Lecture, Chat, etc... Try to collaborate between Middle School students and Junior High School students

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