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Toward Stable Operation of Genkai/Hyeonhae/APII link Yoshinori Kitatsuji APAN Tokyo XP KDDI R&D Laboratories, Inc.

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1 Toward Stable Operation of Genkai/Hyeonhae/APII link Yoshinori Kitatsuji APAN Tokyo XP KDDI R&D Laboratories, Inc.

2 Overview Test before starting service –Checking Availability Staff in Service –Routes –Link Utility –Bandwidth availability Troubleshoot –Tools –status to public Future arrangement –Resource management Scheduling –Project –Maintenance Making requirement clear –Protocol, Path, Traffic bandwidth, Schedule

3 Test before starting service Understanding availability is much important –Spec. written in Catalogue doesn't match with actual performance sometime. –Combination of gears usually perform like the greatest common measure. –It s comfortable for both users and operators to use networks if the limitation is know well. It helps scheduling upgrade network and enhancing the performance. Performance known at the moment –Meinohama-Busan 930Mbit/s (IP packet, 1000 byte length) –Meinohama-Tokyo 250Mbit/s (UDP/TCP), because shaper (271Mbit/s) applied 430Mbit/s (TCP over a loop Tokyo-Tenjin-Tokyo) –Should be known how much improved between QGPOP and Seoul between Seoul and Tokyo

4 Genkai Network Configuration at L3 Super SINET Busan XP fidc- juniper hakozaki- juniper Genkai XP (Meinohama) Kyushu U hakozaki- cisco2 APII- Juniper ATM/OC12 ATM/OC3 GbE Cisco GSR tpr2 GbE 169 170 161 162 GbE Tokyo XP (KDDI Otemachi) 105 106 177 178 AS 9270 AS 7660 185 AS 2523 GbE 13 15 6 193 194 tpr3 AS 7660 AS 2523 AS 2907 Presented in NOC meeting, APAN Fukuoka Meeting 250Mbit/s 430Mbit/s

5 APAN Tokyo XP JGN ATM network JGN ATM network CRL PC APAN Tokyo XP CRL APII Juniper Orenge: ATM Switch Blue: Ethernet Switch Orenge: ATM Switch Blue: Ethernet Switch GigabitEthernet OC12 Configuration of Loopback test

6 Staff prepared in service Making acceptable usage policy clear –Simple and Opened AUP helps for operators to manage trouble. Monitoring in APAN Tokyo XP –Traffic, Number of routes MRTG, RRDTool, OCXmon/DAG –Reachability Ping and report for major targets every 5minutes –Performance SLAC s performance monitor using iperf Opening operational information to public –Assignment information IP address, ATM PVC, VLAN ID, Port utility of equips –Monitoring result

7 MRTG Multi Router Traffic Grapher –Most common tool for operation –Plots 2 data source against time –Use SNMP to collect counters of interfaces –5min average and 2 data sources in a figure Advantages –Ability to create scripts to feed data into MRTG –Mature code because of very wide deployment in large networks –Any variable can be graphed –Easy to understand configuration Disadvantages –Can t create custom graph periods –Only keeps 5 minute data for 2.5 days, after witch it is aggregated to longer period. –Too hard to hack to modify higher late than 5 minutes

8 RRDTool Round Robin Database Tool –Successor of MRTG –Ability to customize graphs across user-defined interval –Constant file size independs on the number of feeding time because of binary file format Advantages –25-30 percent faster than MRTG –Ability to have multiple data sources in a single graph. –Ability to generate graph from multiple data files. Disadvantages –No collector –Doesn t create graph and web-pages without additional scripts –Hard to merge multiple files into one.

9 ATM Switch CoralREEF/DAG TCPDUMP for ATM/POS –Packet capturing system –POS OC48 is under development Unknown how much perform actually –CoralREEF Successor of OC3mon developed by MCI & NLANR run with Fore PCI200 or Point ATM card –DAG developed by Wikato University in New Zealand run with DAG card developed by Wikato University Advantages –Header or whole packets are captured –Ability to convert original format to TCPDUMP (pcap library) Disadvantages –Run on only FreeBSD or Linux –Splitter divide the laser and power degrades to half –Need multiple PCs to capture a high speed link. May need GPS clock than NTP to get high accuracy –Need interface to generating graphs continuously like MRTG Router

10 Traffic since … Hyeonhea/Genkai Link TransPAC link to Seattle Here operation startedHere Genkailink operation started

11 SLAC performance monitor TCP performance monitor Generate TCP traffic for 1-2 minutes. Measure RTT and bandwidth of iperf, BBCPMEM, BBFTP Advantage requires only ssh and iperf multiple targets are measured round robin every two hours automatically Disadvantage Generated traffic effects regular traffic. Takes some time (2-3minutes) to measure. APAN Tokyo XP QGPOP AIST Stanford Univ Here operation started

12 Open Operation Opening assignment policy and operation status –Reducing query –Make troubleshoot easier Sharing account between neighbor networks –Consider to cause the lack of security, but fruitful. –Ability to understand neighbor networks deeply –Account holder do troubleshoot by themselves Opening status of trouble –Users and neighbor networks feel relieved. –May have help from outside

13 Troubleshoot Tool –ping/traceroute for unicast –mtrace, multicast beacon and debug output for multicast –MRTG or more accurate graph Sharing information –Maintenance report schedule, status, and after maintenance Traceable status board –Make any information opened as much as possible Neighbor may do troubleshoot

14 Multicast Beacon Every beacon sends and receives periodical packets to some group and all of them make reports the statistics to MB server. –Developed by NLANR Beacon/ –Popular in AccessGrid MB server in XP may helps to debug the multicast trouble for especially seeking where problem lie.

15 Future operation Resource Scheduling will become important –Now we can generate 100s Mbit/s speed traffic between Korea and Europe through Japan and USA –More important to schedule events than sharing resources over events –Multiple Traffic easily break each other. Will take more time to support the Events –Demonstration will requires the high performance Ex. AIST tried to record high speed TCP transmission test with 2 TransPAC links in parallel in SC2002. –Need to Collect detail of requirement –Regular traffic increase gradually Installing Tools and Devices –XPs are required to equips tools and devices to support all kind of services run by projects

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