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Overview of APAN IPv6 Task Force Jianping Wu Chair of APAN IPv6 TF Jan. 30, 2004.

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1 Overview of APAN IPv6 Task Force Jianping Wu Chair of APAN IPv6 TF Jan. 30, 2004

2 Contents Background Objectives Organization 6GN: Native IPv6 Gigabit Network Action Plans Collaborations Basic Documents Meetings

3 Background History –A lot of R&D efforts on IPv6 so far –But, lack of deployment and lilter traffic Issues –IPv6 Deployment –Transition & Coexistence

4 Objectives Develop native IPv6 Gigabit network in Asia Pacific region –6GN: APAN Native Gigabit IPv6 Network Connect to another regions –such as North America and Europe Promote IPv6 network deployment Promote IPv6 based technologies Promote IPv6 applications To deploy the IPv6 service up to 10% traffic of the whole R&E Network in Asia-Pacific region

5 Functions of R&E Network Creation, Evaluation and Verification of “New” Technologies, Services and applications Evaluation of Commercial Products and Services Education and training Back up network for commercial system Avoid digital divide for R&E society, i.e., equal access, but we should not discourage commercial service

6 Target of Task Force Activity IPv6 Network Service Professional quality, with production equipmets Application, Middleware User community Human resource ; Education and Training 10% traffic volume in the whole of network traffic

7 Organization Technology GroupApplication Group Network Operation Center Group APAN IPv6 Task Force Secretariat Coordination Committee

8 Organization Initial Member: –China, Japan, Korea Co-chairs: (coordination committee) –Jianping Wu / CERNET, CN –Kishik Park / IPv6 Forum Korea, KR –Hiroshi Esaki / Tokyo Univ., JP Secretariat: –China: An Jie / CERNET –Japan: Yoshinori Kitatsuji / KDD –Korea: Sang-Gyun Kim / ANF –APAN Secretariat : Chin Hooi Tang

9 Operation Group/NOC Co-chairs: –Li Xing /CERNET, CN –Yoshinori Kitatsuji / KDDI, JP –Jaehwa Lee/KT, KR Mailing List: –

10 Technology Group Co-chairs: –Yan Ma / BUPT, CN –Seungyun Lee / ETRI, KR –Hiroshi Esaki / Tokyo Univ., JP Mailing List: –

11 Application Group Co-chairs: –YuJung Kim / NCA, KR –Hiroshi Esaki / WIDE, JP –Kai Nan / CAS, CN Mailing List: –

12 6GN: Native Gigabit IPv6 Network KOREA China Japan Native 1 Gbps IPv6 Link Dual Stack (45~155Mbps) Dual Stack 2.5 Gbps Link Native 45 Mbps IPv6 Link CERNET2 NSFCNET KOREN WIDE JGN SINET

13 R & E Network Clusters in the world Korea China Japan Asia-Pacific Europe North America Asia Global 1Gbps(?) 2 * 1Gbps 2.5 Gbps > 40 Gbps > 100 Gbps 10 Gbps

14 APAN IPv6 Task Force Plan (Draft) by Seungyun Lee

15 Collaborations Interior and Exterior –Interior:Encourage 6technology and 6applications collaboration projects within APAN primary members –Exterior: Encourage 6technology and 6applications collaboration projects among APAN, US and EU Three level Collaborations –Organizations: EU IPv6 TF, I2 IPv6 TF –Network Links –Research Projects

16 Basic Documents Overview: Kilnam Chon (draft v1.0)draft v1.0 Strategy Document: Jianping Wu (draft V1.0) Plan: Seung-Yun Lee (draft v1.0)draft v1.0 Profile: Yan Ma/Seung-Yun Lee (draft V1.0) Coordination Group: Jianping Wu/Hiroshi Esaki/Kisik Park Technology Group: Yan Ma/Seung-Yun Lee Operation Group: Li Xing (draft V1.0)draft V1.0 Application Group: Nan Kai/Hiroshi Esaki

17 Meetings 2003.8, 1 st APAN IPv6 TF Meetings, Busan –Formation of IPv6 Task Force 2003.10, 1 st Global Joint IPv6 Meeting, Indianapolis –APAN, Internet2, CANARIE and DANET 2003.12.5-6, APAN IPv6 Kickoff Meeting, Beijing 2004.1.14, 2 nd Global Joint Meeting, Brussels –Focus on Applications 2004.1.29, 2 nd APAN IPv6 TF Meeting –Focus on Technologies, Proposal for forming New Group: Education and Training Group 2004 spring, 3nd Global Joint Meeting –During IETF, I2 meeting or TEIN2 PC Meeting 2004.7.3-5, 3nd APAN IPv6 TF Meeting, Cairns

18 Reference APAN: APAN IPv6 TF: – Global IPv6 Forum: –http:// Internet 2: http:// DoD Initiative –

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